Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the stairs dun Dun DUN

Second day in a row of running. Yesterday it rained so we did a stair workout: jog around the building (0.65mi), then go inside and run/hop up 11 flights of stairs. Repeat to your heart's content. I always wanted to be built thin so all clothes look good on me, but I am built with actual muscles. So 11 flights of stairs isn't that bad. Yeah, I get tired by the 9th flight, but confession - I don't really have to push myself, so I recover quickly. Anyway, today was sunny so I went running with a couple girls and wow were my calves sore-the backs. Must Google ways to stretch calves. But my thighs are perfectly fine. Told you I have muscles.
Today we ran a mile to warm up, stretched, ran another mile, then did lunges and sprints. This was only possible b/c it was just me and LA (M left us when we stopped to stretch). If the rest of the running group had been there it wouldn't have happened; like M, they have an irrational aversion to stretching, and I have never seen them sprint. I sprint faster than the avg girl b/c I'm not really built for long distance. What endurance I have comes from sheer orneriness by mile 3. Even my high school guidance counselor said I was stubborn. My way - no highway option.
I see you trying to find a road out of this ish but it ain't happening. ;-P
Getting bored with business casual. How to dress professionally and still have fun dressing? This is an unexpected aspect of college that I miss. These days I live for casual Friday.

I finally understand the difference between highways and parkways, and I love that most of my commute to work is spent on the parkway. I love trees.

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