Wednesday, April 30, 2014

it's gonna be may

Last day of April! Which means that soon:

All that I do *dances*
Is not enough for you

Okay, now I'm going to go off in the distance and dance to N'Sync songs from 2000. Justin Timberlake was 19 then - who knew? He's only like 4 years older than me.

Monday, April 28, 2014

oh guyliner

It happened so slowly that I didn't realize that Bride of the Century was going to crap. But it did. I kept thinking it was going to get better, so I kept watching, but it never did. I'm going to pretend half the stuff in the last episode didn't really happen. And when did the female lead get pregnant? Was it on their fake wedding night when they woke up fully dressed in like three layers of sweaters? And the male lead never did change the blankets on his bed for 15 episodes. Yeah, he slept a lot in this show I guess. Everybody was always passing out thanks to miss Ghost.

Anyway, my hair is done, so I'll sleep. And I do now slightly barely mostly respect Lee Hong-ki and not just think of him as Jeremy from You're Beautiful. He was so ridiculous in that. And I think he dresses pretty ridiculously in general and should never have a pony-tail and looks best with black hair because brown hair is too close to his skin tone. But he's a kpop boy so his hair will hardly ever stay black I bet.

Oh, I saw a ridiculous kpop music video with b.a.p. I only kept watching because it was a story music video with all kinds of crap going on and they were so pretty. Can I have a personal make up artist? Oh guyliner.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

at 7:30 in the morning

I volunteered!

And I am so tired. There is probably still paint on me in awkward places like my scalp. I met people! I'm probably also tired from having to be nice and friendly for 10 hours. I have to be nice and friendly at work, but that's over the phone and not constantly, so I'm good. Anyway, lesson is I should get out there and volunteer more b/c then I may finally find my best friend. The search is on, people.

I'm going to force myself to watch Bride of the Century ep10 because it's too early to sleep.

Also, I have problems with going off on tangents into the far and distant future.

i painted! and spackled, and swept, and planted...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

you can't fit your hand in your new purse

I might buy myself a new purse after I volunteer on Saturday. We'll see. I'm probably too lazy to go out and actually buy one, but I'm allowed to now. At least there's that.  When will I get any sleep?

And what isn't there an app for?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


An hour or so ago I finished reading Home by Marilynne Robinson. I knew it was a good book, and then it made me go and cry at the end of it. The kind of crying where your eyes are shut and the tears still come, and you hold yourself still to keep grasping control. Control that wants to leave you for a while and come back too late. Haven't read a good book in too long. I got it from a thrift store a few weeks ago for 50 cents.
It surprised me how late I'd catch on to just what happened in Home. The book kept surprising me. I devoted my evenings to it for 3 days. It gave me a new appreciation of the necessity of the Civil Rights Movement, and it wasn't even about that.

Monday, April 21, 2014

just a little bookshelf building with my mom

I made a bookshelf with my mom and it is beautiful. To be fair, she mostly made it. I was that slacker kid who does only what is asked of him/her and nothing more and it's super annoying to be paired with them on a group project. Well let me tell you, it's not because that slacker kid is lazy - it's because he/she is afraid of doing it wrong b/c they tried the first time and messed up so they're afraid to try again. It's one thing if the mess up affects only them, but it's another if it affects other people. The slacker kid is afraid of guilt and blame and of costing people things like money. Now I understand.

On Saturday I was at my parents' by 11am and Mom and I left on an epic journey to the Home Depot to buy all our supplies. That bookshelf is made out of 2"x10" pine thank you very much. Built to last. And a golden oak or forest pine finish. Oh all the wood stain names are so similar. A few splinters and some hives (courtesy of blue latex gloves) later, I'm back in Maryland with a super cute bookshelf/tv stand. It even opens up the room. I have a new appreciation for woodworking and for sanding. No matter how much I sanded I just created more splinters.
this bookshelf is almost as cool as the one we made.... wait, not even close

Next home project is to paint the frames I got from that one Goodwill trip and hang them up in the guest room. I also need to buy a hammer to get the hooks out so I don't have to nail them into the wall. And then maybe I'll buy curtains.

This weekend I'm volunteering to clean up this old house all Saturday.  I mean all day, am I supposed to bring 3 square meals? Where do I go to the bathroom during all that? Please don't let them give me latex gloves only b/c the hives are still here and some of them itch. That Benadryl I took last night didn't do anything. Washing my hands in hot water hurts.

Friday, April 18, 2014

dude man all dressed in plaid shouts

Been sleeping a lot. This is the latest I've been up in days. I really need to mail that car seat back to E's mom. But first, I cowashed my hair, so now I'm just going to do twist outs and promptly sleep. And also try to get some laundry done.

Yesterday was Thursday and MW's birthday -
Here we are on April 17th
Who's that girl walking down the street?
Wearing those pink pumps on her feet.
Wondering what she can do today
Gotta get to the mall so she can't delay
All the boys come out to say
Go shorty, it's your birthday

Yes, that was so 2004. But I will never ever forget her birthday.

Met AC at Columbia Mall to help her shop for work clothes. Great to spend time with a friend who I know will be by friend no matter what I do.

Day before that was Wednesday and I did the fun run at work but 32 degree windchill so I got a cough and a brief fever. That was the day I went to sleep 8.

Day before that was Tuesday. Cold and rained all day and high was only 54 when the four days before that it was 75. So I came home and was asleep by 6pm. Then I woke up at 12:58am and had dinner and watched a Big Bang Theory episode and then I went back to sleep at 3:08am.

Monday I left work early and took E and A to BWI. All those nights I slept in the guest room b/c I was too lazy to change the sheets on the queen bed which I'd let E and A sleep in. Not tonight!  Oooh, birthday minute!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

baby baby baby

Is there a baby so cute that he/she makes you want to have a baby if you didn't want to? No.
Is there a baby so cute that he/she makes other babies seem not as cute? Yes.

Went to a day of alumni weekend for undergrad for the first day ever. I know own a mug and a hat that I didn't previously own.

Tired. Been on the go a lot. I miss Kdramas.
tuuuurtle, turtle.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

mint green is growing on me

Why am I up this late? Doing my taxes. Running off candied ginger and a post-run high. I need to make a list of the crap I have to do tomorrow morning:
change sheets on queen bed
pick up the car seat from the rental office at 8:30
grocery shop
buy a screwdriver
pasta plus at 11:45
pick up E by parking in short term parking

Ick. It's all good as I do my taxes on my new $9.99 IKEA table that is worth about $10. They sure priced it right. The only reason why I couldn't make this myself is the nice paint job. None of my furniture really goes, but I am beyond caring. Couldn't resist a $12 pillow that has a treasure map print on the cover. I'm not sorry I bought it. Whenever I drive to IKEA on 495, other drivers do really stupid things, and so far I've been able to just watch and not get involved. I really hope it stays that way. I don't like the living room chairs from IKEA because they're too low. Guess I'll just stick with what I have. Next next weekend I'll go up to PA and make a TV stand / bookshelf with Mom.  Home Depot wood for the win.
coolest clock evAR

Sunday, April 6, 2014

1st round done!

Yes, I played hostess for my cousin, Y, and I have to say, it was a success. She's a bit finicky when it comes to what she eats, which I have no way of predicting, so that didn't go well, but the rest was fine. Also, on Saturday M(sissy)&AM came down in the afternoon for a sleepover. We did the metro, National Mall(Harry Potter puppet pals song for like 100m), Lincoln Memorial(awesome sunset pics), crappy service in a restaurant in Chinatown(Aunt L came out in my cousin's face), then back home to laugh hysterically(it got too late and laughing hysterically is what I do when I'm tired, tears rolled from my eyes and back up into my hair). In the morning we did brunch (yogurt fruit parfaits, green pepper omelets, apple strudel made by the Amish, coffee, tea with half n half), then dropped Y off at the airport and then went...


thrift shopping!
Coppin' it, washin' it, 'bout to go and get some compliments!

We got some good stuff - shirts, sweaters, pants, glass jars, ceramic napkin holders, belts, books, etc.