Wednesday, July 31, 2013

success at serving :-P

Last day of July and gasp, my serve was passable?! I went into the game so tired and not expecting anything that it actually worked. Most successful day of volleyball ever, although last day for some of the interns, so sadness there. Very flatteringly, one of them thought I was an intern. I said I work here, and then the response was, well you must have just graduated. I said yeah. Little does he know from grad school, haha. I like the overall volleyball atmosphere a lot - there's a big group and people just joke around. My kind of competition and such an excellent break from the willpower involved in running. If it doesn't rain, I'm going to tackle another slow 5K tomorrow. All I need to do is finish.

That oil cooked to the bottom of my oven from kale chips is très annoying. I didn't like the kale chips much, mostly because of a filling that's coming out. I'm actually looking forward to my 8/15 dentist appointment... Ugh. The muffins are in their paper baking cups, in the fridge, probably one with the paper by now. I'm still going to make them.

All hands meeting at work. I tied for most random word definitions known, so I got a door prize - lots of chocolate. These words were real random; the only ones I knew for sure were ululate and eruct. Apparently discalceate means to take off your shoes. Garboil is confusion.

Monday, July 29, 2013

jibe gajima, baby

I finally ran 3 miles! It felt really good. God, such a gorgeous day outside. Left my stuff in the office and headed out at 5:15ish. Should have known the run would go well when the first song was Jibe Gajima (Don't Go Home) :-P.
The run went like most runs do - I felt really good. Then at mile 1 I felt really bad. I stretched. I kept going until I felt okay. I frantically checked myself for ticks. I swung back by the office for my stuff feeling accomplished but sweaty, and chugged all the water I could before I left.

Thanks to Runkeeper, I learned that I've slowed down to 10 minute miles. But that's okay. A couple weeks of easy 5Ks and I'll be back! I'll even run with the group again - love those ladies (and C's cool too).

Speaking of ladies I love, had a fantastic time skyping with the Incredible Hopkids Sunday night. Best friends ever! We laughed. We teased. We made unreasonable demands of one another. At WC, I came close to having what I have with them, but nothing quite beats undergrad.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

fire... fire... fire...

My first major league game!
We went on the 26th and had the best seats. I'll never be that close again!

Currently full of Chinese food. It's been a while, but I got egg rolls and tried "Mandarin House" chicken. Going to have the same food for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Realized that the sound of Mandarin is relaxing to me - reminds me of MW and her parents. Plus I can pick out words I know (from watching dramas)... it's just familiar.

Made the fire alarm go off. Yesterday we made kale chips and the oil must have dripped off onto the bottom of the oven. So when I turned the oven on this afternoon to make muffins, the oil smoked and my alarm went off. A GPS/Siri-sounding woman said ""

Finally watched Warm Bodies. About what I expected, and I was entertained.

Friday, July 26, 2013

he did the voice; bakery

Did 6 Flags yesterday - roller coasters and the swinging ship. Some horrible chicken nuggets full of nugget and barely any chicken. I was so desperate that I ate it anyway b/c I needed the calories. Got my picture taken with Batman and Robin in Gotham City, and Batman even did the voice.  The lines were short, but the park was overrun by middle schoolers on field trips and high school boys. Parents were scarce, so lots of line cutting. I was so tired of middle schoolers by the end. So tired. Also, I might now understand when people say they're too old for roller coasters. After the Mind Eraser, I literally had to sit down and recover. I felt that thrill of anticipation for the first 2 roller coasters, but for the last two, I was so tired I was just grateful to sit down. Haha, kind of sucks away the excitement.
our favorite ride... next to the swinging ship
Made it to the PA Dutch farmer's market here, which I expected to laugh at being as I'm from real PA Dutch country, but all the food was the same and still reasonably priced. We went for M's birthday cake, but came away with delicious donuts, flax seed, ginger, 1/2 a lemon cake, and spearmint leaves. So excited to have the opportunity to go there in the future. We also went thrift shopping and I tried on a Bebe dress - pink frills. It was cute in a super girly way that makes you want to vomit rainbows, and I looked like a cupcake. Would have gotten it if it was dirt cheap.
Also, I am emailing back and forth with the random former classmate. Still pretty unsure about whatever is going on. Feeling uneasy about my lack of feeling, but it's kind of nice to have a prospect with potential instead of the bums that have asked me out since moving here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

i itch so bad

Ah, I just have to say that I'm frustrated. Every time I try and start a conversation I just get shut down by pessimism, and it's been this way for years so I don't know why I expect it to be different every time. Also the mosquito that bit me all weekend and I finally killed yesterday is driving me crazy because of all the itching. It's just wrong to want to hit yourself so that the itch will go away. And have you seen my legs? Covered in bug bites. Covered I tell you.! I don't want to hit myself, I want to drive knives into the wounds to cut the itchy poison out..... why/??????

margarita my mariachi, baby snake

This is my second week of running in the morning and I'm getting used to it. I don't like having to stay at work later, but something had to give. Today I popped out of bed at 6:15am and was ready to go, even though I'd had just 6 hours of sleep. Will that miracle repeat again tomorrow morning? Wednesday is for volleyball, so at least no a.m. run then. Only about 2 weeks left of volleyball - will I ever learn to serve?

Prepping for M to come and stay, but my dining room table is getting more and more crowded. Wednesday afternoon will involve a cleaning frenzy. I should buy a vacuum.
birthday cake times ahead
Reconnected/ish with a random former classmate. Last summer he asked me to "hang out" but I was dating Bud, so I didn't. We had a class or to together, and as far as I remember I'm not attracted to him, but maybe I'm reading too much into it and I don't know something changed? I've never had a real conversation with him, so who knows. He's not the type that draws my eye physically. Bud was, but our personalities are too similar (Unsettling note, he said he was watching HIMYM which I'd seen about 6 episodes of before and now I've started watching the reruns. I don't know if I should be disgusted with myself, but I've decided to not care and enjoy the show.). So give someone else a chance? Prolly nothing will come of it since I don't plan to go to PA any time soon. Tell me he's married and I can not think about it? I refuse to Facebook stalk anyone - it brings misery.

Ventured out with AC Friday night. Georgia peach margarita = yum. We also saw a mariachi band and a baby snake. Saturday I completely vegged and watched Kdramas and loved it. Sunday I discovered there's a Marshalls right next to Sally's. Since I already had a shopping binge last week, I didn't buy anything, but you know I walked in there. Then I went crazy downloading songs from Kdrama OSTs - should have done that earlier.

Hoping EG has the baby soon. She seems miserable.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

green pepper party hardy

It's so hot. I think I'm going to sleep downstairs. I just got that new bed and i don't even get to enjoy it. It's the sofa for me tonight. After I left work, I'd spent all day in the air conditioning so I was cold and I figured I could make it without air-conditioning.... and then my face started to get flushed and I started sweating. 1.5 miles into my commute I turned on the AC. Lol... all I can say.

Ate lunch with a work friend and really enjoyed it. She gave me green pepper from her garden. It tasted so much better than from the grocery store! She's a real adult - owns her own house! Some day, right?

On the way home I gave into my clothes shopping craving and stopped by TJ Maxx. Got the hottest green jewel-toned Ralph Lauren dress. I'm going to be so classy when I have somewhere fancy to go. I also got a black dress, a running shirt, running shorts, and open toed shoes. Tomorrow is casual Friday and I can't wait! The plan is to run a couple miles in the morning, and get to work by 8.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

can't have a pie without cool whip

Slept in my running clothes last night. Woke up. Didn't feel like running. Remembered I was in my running clothes and that I wanted to mail a letter to AC. Rolled out of bed and ate breakfast blind. Stumbled back upstairs; put my contacts in. Left the apt just after 7 and ran 1.12 miles. Took the letter with me and shoved it into the mailbox halfway through the run. Kept going (the last half is uphill). Saw a hot guy walking his dog. I can do two loops on Thursday. Heat waves, man.
why is this not me?
In the middle of work, I was eating the same giant bag of trailmix I've been eating for a month. It hurt my tooth. So I finally called the dentist, expecting to get an appointment in a month or whenever. But they had a cancellation. Tomorrow morning at 8am. I'm scared. Going to frantically brush my teeth, but that won't help much. What's done is done.

Watched an episode of Monstar, a teenage angst Kdrama. I never had the kind of big problems these kids have. But I knew kids who did. The kids in the drama are in a band, so I listen to them sing, and am entertained. Heard the male lead is a member of Beast in real life. I'm not a Kpop fan except for GD and/or T.O.P, and the guy in the drama is your average idol, but he's doing an alright job of acting. In Kdramas, the ex-models are the awesome actors, definitely not the idols.
allow me to fangirl
Although if GD decided he was going to be in a drama, I would watch it.

Today I got some eclipse glasses and used them to stare at the sun. I also ate cool whip frozen by liquid nitrogen. All this happened at work.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

real danger

I'm the proud owner of a queen-sized bed! Ikea delivered yesterday and surprisingly my dad, mom, and sister were able to drive down last night and help put it together (they even brought the dog). Thank you, family. I'm turning the room with the twin bed into the guest room, but I'm too lazy to move my work clothes over, so I'll just walk back and forth. Every closet in the apartment is my closet, so whatever, right? My youngest sissy was disgusted that I haven'd decorated yet. Got to get the furniture situation taken care of first, but I've thought about it.
I'll probably go with some impressionist prints, like this JMW Turner...
I'm currently in love with a Kdrama called I Hear Your Voice. It satisfies my need for well-written plot, high stakes, a fear inspiring villain, and cute couple stuff. It's being recapped on dramabeans, and the debates/insights there make the show even better. Check it out.

Our planned Hopkids weekend was supposed to happen the 19th, but it's a no-go. Just as well - E is due soon and can't come anyway. I don't have much vacation built up, so it would have been a weekend thing. Who has time to even enjoy yourself when you fly out Friday after work and return Sunday night? Hoping to do something with the local girls instead.

I am in real danger of being out-of-shape - it does nothing but rain everyday! Last week I had to forget about the running group and do my own thing during a break in the storms. I planned to do 5K Friday, buuut it rained all day. Fingers crossed for Monday. Hoping to finish work at 6 when it's cooler and do the 5K at my own pace. Last summer I'd run at 7pm, but I can't bring myself to stay at work that long, and the trails off campus aren't safe for a girl alone.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

it's curtains for you

Another day another dollar. Or several million in my case, job job. Forced myself to head to the Goodwill after work to see what I could see. Nothing impressive in the way of pans, but I did get 10 pieces of silverware, 3 books, 2 wine glasses, a mason jar glass, and a soup bowl that looks like a giant mug, all for $8.48. Aaaand a snazzily dressed man said "after you" when we met at the head of an aisle. He was so snazzily dressed that I'm 98% sure he was gay - no straight man wears dress pants that tight.

19 days and counting for my pregnant friend. A little less than 2 weeks until M, my sole remaining childhood friend, comes to visit me for her birthday weekend! I'm excited. The pressure will force me to decorate. It's already forced me to buy a bed. I like where this is going. I've always wanted pretty, lacy curtains in lavender. I only have 3 windows. This is so doable. I saw them when I was traipsing through IKEA on Tuesday but I was on a bed mission then. Hmmm. I really need to remember to buy sheets and a couple pillows.
yes, curtains like these
or these (minus the cat)
This morning I put in my right contact in-side-out. I have the daily kind. I've never done that before, but I could feel it right away. I could still see though. What if there was a story about a person who put on their contacts in-side-out and their whole world turned in-side-out and they couldn't get back? There's something there.

I'm going to run 5K solo tomorrow after work, but I miss the running group people...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Volleyball again! Not many people showed up, so afterwards M was great and helped me practice my serve. After doing it a dozen times without everyone watching me, I managed to get a little consistency. 3 in a row. Otherwise, I over think and then the ball flies way to the right or left. I went for a solo run after; wound up doing 2.17 miles suuuuper slow because I haven't run in over a week. I'm trying NOT to get out of shape, because getting back IN sucks. Apparently 1.5 hours of Dance Central 3 isn't the same as a run.

Brutal week at work so far. I don't mind when one person is late, but when everyone is late, well good intentions go out the window. Boo.  

Yesterday I was at work from 8:30am - 8:00pm, and then I finally went to IKEA and bought a bed frame and mattress. I'd planned to get a full, but the queen cost only $10 more, so since I was delirious I went with that. IKEA is huge and I'm not a huge fan of wandering through warehouses masquerading as stores, but it was good to get out and see people going about their business. If an IKEA goes out of business, is it used as the set of a sketchy warehouse in film sets? A hide-and-seek game in there would be super intense. I remember playing hide-and-seek in the dark in my grandma's basement with a bunch of cousins one holiday when I was in middle school. It was pitch black down there and the game was kind of awesome.

Monday, July 8, 2013

singing too late

*sings* I don't wanna be loved I don't wanna be loooved. I just want a quickie. .... or too much of Miguel's first album.

Talking to myself a lot more than I used to now that I live alone. Supposedly this isn't unusual.

Newsflash - I hate buying furniture. Why is it so expensive? I just want to buy a bed frame, box spring, and mattress and have it delivered. Is that too much to ask? Does it really cost $109 to deliver something? I don't think gas + hourly wages + insurance cost that much. I don't even want to know what kind of ridiculous profit furniture stores are making. I don't like shopping and feeling like I've just been ripped off.

Job presentation went well today. It's over in any case.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

while watching BBT reruns

Trying to not to go to work on Friday means I have to work extra hours MTW this week. 9.5 hours today. I even fit in a quick run.  And by quick, I mean only a bit over a mile. Tomorrow's goal is to finish and rehearse my 90 presentation. I have to put on a strong show in front of my mentor!  It's a boring slideshow so far, but I really enjoyed the part where I got to put pictures of things I like: running shoes, Kdramas, books, yeah I smiled.

Goal: get more sleep.

Monday, July 1, 2013

so so so far uh.uh.UP

Spent Friday night and the weekend in PA. It's that time of the year - the Georgia Peaches are up. Those are 2 cousins who, when combined with other cousins, make everything hilarious. I used to live with one of them for a year in GA - all you have to do is give her food to make her happy. It's really enjoyable when you can make someone happy so instantly. Her memory of my brother is when he used to wake her up in the middle of the night to go on a Turkey Hill ice cream run, and they'd sit in the car and eat it with free plastic spoons. I never knew that until Sunday. Missing my brother now. I love my family.

Anyway, they have Philly plans and beach plans and clubbing plans and I have work.
Cartier earrings from 1930. Classy.

Talked with B on the phone - she's going to move to FL. I'm proud that I have intelligent friends who are willing to uproot their lives in search of something better, who know that life is different the next state over and aren't satisfied lying around at home. I'll miss being able to drive up to WC and see her though.