Monday, July 1, 2013

so so so far uh.uh.UP

Spent Friday night and the weekend in PA. It's that time of the year - the Georgia Peaches are up. Those are 2 cousins who, when combined with other cousins, make everything hilarious. I used to live with one of them for a year in GA - all you have to do is give her food to make her happy. It's really enjoyable when you can make someone happy so instantly. Her memory of my brother is when he used to wake her up in the middle of the night to go on a Turkey Hill ice cream run, and they'd sit in the car and eat it with free plastic spoons. I never knew that until Sunday. Missing my brother now. I love my family.

Anyway, they have Philly plans and beach plans and clubbing plans and I have work.
Cartier earrings from 1930. Classy.

Talked with B on the phone - she's going to move to FL. I'm proud that I have intelligent friends who are willing to uproot their lives in search of something better, who know that life is different the next state over and aren't satisfied lying around at home. I'll miss being able to drive up to WC and see her though.

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