Friday, July 26, 2013

he did the voice; bakery

Did 6 Flags yesterday - roller coasters and the swinging ship. Some horrible chicken nuggets full of nugget and barely any chicken. I was so desperate that I ate it anyway b/c I needed the calories. Got my picture taken with Batman and Robin in Gotham City, and Batman even did the voice.  The lines were short, but the park was overrun by middle schoolers on field trips and high school boys. Parents were scarce, so lots of line cutting. I was so tired of middle schoolers by the end. So tired. Also, I might now understand when people say they're too old for roller coasters. After the Mind Eraser, I literally had to sit down and recover. I felt that thrill of anticipation for the first 2 roller coasters, but for the last two, I was so tired I was just grateful to sit down. Haha, kind of sucks away the excitement.
our favorite ride... next to the swinging ship
Made it to the PA Dutch farmer's market here, which I expected to laugh at being as I'm from real PA Dutch country, but all the food was the same and still reasonably priced. We went for M's birthday cake, but came away with delicious donuts, flax seed, ginger, 1/2 a lemon cake, and spearmint leaves. So excited to have the opportunity to go there in the future. We also went thrift shopping and I tried on a Bebe dress - pink frills. It was cute in a super girly way that makes you want to vomit rainbows, and I looked like a cupcake. Would have gotten it if it was dirt cheap.
Also, I am emailing back and forth with the random former classmate. Still pretty unsure about whatever is going on. Feeling uneasy about my lack of feeling, but it's kind of nice to have a prospect with potential instead of the bums that have asked me out since moving here.

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