Wednesday, July 31, 2013

success at serving :-P

Last day of July and gasp, my serve was passable?! I went into the game so tired and not expecting anything that it actually worked. Most successful day of volleyball ever, although last day for some of the interns, so sadness there. Very flatteringly, one of them thought I was an intern. I said I work here, and then the response was, well you must have just graduated. I said yeah. Little does he know from grad school, haha. I like the overall volleyball atmosphere a lot - there's a big group and people just joke around. My kind of competition and such an excellent break from the willpower involved in running. If it doesn't rain, I'm going to tackle another slow 5K tomorrow. All I need to do is finish.

That oil cooked to the bottom of my oven from kale chips is très annoying. I didn't like the kale chips much, mostly because of a filling that's coming out. I'm actually looking forward to my 8/15 dentist appointment... Ugh. The muffins are in their paper baking cups, in the fridge, probably one with the paper by now. I'm still going to make them.

All hands meeting at work. I tied for most random word definitions known, so I got a door prize - lots of chocolate. These words were real random; the only ones I knew for sure were ululate and eruct. Apparently discalceate means to take off your shoes. Garboil is confusion.

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