Saturday, July 27, 2013

fire... fire... fire...

My first major league game!
We went on the 26th and had the best seats. I'll never be that close again!

Currently full of Chinese food. It's been a while, but I got egg rolls and tried "Mandarin House" chicken. Going to have the same food for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Realized that the sound of Mandarin is relaxing to me - reminds me of MW and her parents. Plus I can pick out words I know (from watching dramas)... it's just familiar.

Made the fire alarm go off. Yesterday we made kale chips and the oil must have dripped off onto the bottom of the oven. So when I turned the oven on this afternoon to make muffins, the oil smoked and my alarm went off. A GPS/Siri-sounding woman said ""

Finally watched Warm Bodies. About what I expected, and I was entertained.

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