Monday, July 29, 2013

jibe gajima, baby

I finally ran 3 miles! It felt really good. God, such a gorgeous day outside. Left my stuff in the office and headed out at 5:15ish. Should have known the run would go well when the first song was Jibe Gajima (Don't Go Home) :-P.
The run went like most runs do - I felt really good. Then at mile 1 I felt really bad. I stretched. I kept going until I felt okay. I frantically checked myself for ticks. I swung back by the office for my stuff feeling accomplished but sweaty, and chugged all the water I could before I left.

Thanks to Runkeeper, I learned that I've slowed down to 10 minute miles. But that's okay. A couple weeks of easy 5Ks and I'll be back! I'll even run with the group again - love those ladies (and C's cool too).

Speaking of ladies I love, had a fantastic time skyping with the Incredible Hopkids Sunday night. Best friends ever! We laughed. We teased. We made unreasonable demands of one another. At WC, I came close to having what I have with them, but nothing quite beats undergrad.

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