Monday, July 27, 2015

before I forget

1. On my parents' 37th anniversary. Starbucks, then thrift store for books, then Indian food at Jewel of India
2. A week and 3 days later. Botanical Gardens, then Argentinian food that I didn't like
3. 4 days later, after work. Met at a park. First smooch(es).
4. 3 days later, the same park. Before his work. More smooches on a bench.
5. 3 days later, went to buy me new running shoes and look at glucosamine. This is before my physical therapy started. Went to a random diner.
6. 5 days later. He slept over. Just sleeping. I made him breakfast and we went to my local thrift store because the books are a quarter.
7. A week later. Went to the Luray Caverns. Day trip! I slept over afterwards. Just sleeping.
8. A week later. What did we do?
9. A week later. The park again. In the morning before his work. We decided to go on vacation together in late summer. There were a lot of older men in the park, trekking through the trees in outdoorsy clothes - a club event?
10. 9 days later. He came over after my work. His day off. He slept over. Just sleeping. Woke up early, but still got stuck in traffic a little.

We became official.

11. 10 days later. I went to his place. Chicken wings and appetizers after midnight. Slept over.
12. A week later. I went to his place. Slept over. In the morning, we went to a farm and picked blackberries.

In the works

I swear, the only reason why I don't write much anymore is because my laptop is slowly dying. It doesn't really like to be turned on these days. But I had to today for boring reasons.

Anyway, several things in the works:
1. I am now officially a girlfriend. Not sure if I mentioned this in the last post. LC is the boyfriend.
2. I sent out feeler emails to my girlfriends for my birthday in Vegas! So far 5 of them are in. Trying to put off the planning.
3. I applied to a CS job and had an interview. I think I'm going to get a job offer, but I'm sad about it because I really enjoy the office that I work in right now. There is a slight chance that I could get a job offer and stay in my office, but bureaucracy is what's making it a slight chance, so they say don't hold out much hope. I have to take the job even if it isn't in my office though, because it's an excellent career move.
4. I am now down to 1 PT appointment a week because I'm able to run without pain. I just have to keep doing my exercises every day to keep up my leg strength.
5. I'm learning Spanish again. The DuoLingo app has made me able to create sentences much better than those classes in school ever did. The school classes gave me a vocabulary and the ability to conjugate verbs, but that's it. My pronunciation is still horrible.
6. I'm supposed to be buying EZ Pass, but I keep putting it off.
7. I'm supposed to be planning a Cape Cod late August vacation with LC, but I also keep putting that off because I am tired and it's hard to do if he's not in the same room.
8. My laptop is slowly dying, but I really hope she holds on. She'll be 8 in November!

Random good news:
1. James Morrison is going to perform his new songs in England at the end of August! This means he has a new album! This means his US tour is next summer!
2. I am watching 2 Kdramas and actually semi-addicted: I Remember You, stars Seo In-guk in all his guyliner glory. Oh My Ghostess has the wacky Kim Seul-gi and cute Park Bo-young.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Song stuck in my head today are Ed Sheeran's something or another "you can keep me / inside the pocket of your ripped jeans / holding me close until our eyes meet..." I have no clue what it's called.

Also Taylor Swift's Bad Blood, which I have never actually listened to the whole way. She doesn't really sing. She more chants.

Things are still going well with L. Planning a trip.  We talked online and met in early May for the first time. Hard to believe it's only been 2 months - he feels like part of my life.

Boss is gone a lot at work so I get to use his parking spot. Physical therapy is going well - still learning about my body and my horrible form. Used a bosu ball for the first time for squats during my appointment this morning. It reminds me of the bright pink ball we used to hop around on in Kansas, so elementary school.... I just looked for the toy which led me down a rabbit hole of 90s toys. Skip It! ... I still remember the commercial jingle.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I missed all of June. Wow. If this blog relies on my mental state - as in I only write when I'm feeling lonely or angsting over some guy - then I guess that means I've been content. But, I've always liked to write, so I think it's just that my laptop is still slowly dying so the tablet has taken over. And it's not the kind of tablet you type on. Just a tiny touchscreen.

Since I mentioned angsting over some guy, I'm still with the 3rd guy I met online and I like him more every day. I feel lucky that I met him. Fingers crossed. I think the last time I felt as comfortable was with the BUD who was the reason for me starting this blog, but I never felt as comfortable with Bud. The ex-girlfriend thing was always immediately hanging over me. I don't feel like something is hanging over me with this new guy. And we both like walking around in the woods. It's a relief.

In work news, it's that time of my two-year plan: time to apply to become a civil servant. I've put in 4 job applications. My goal is 10.  I would like to stay where I am now because I think it's an interesting place to work. You get to go to talks all the time and learn about your co-workers' research. But to have lots of leave and good insurance and all, you need to be a civil servant.

Alright, I have to book it up to PA because I'm buying new tires for the car tomorrow morning, and a front-end alignment.  Already feeling a bit tired and haven't started packing yet. Sigh - at least I did laundry last night.