Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I missed all of June. Wow. If this blog relies on my mental state - as in I only write when I'm feeling lonely or angsting over some guy - then I guess that means I've been content. But, I've always liked to write, so I think it's just that my laptop is still slowly dying so the tablet has taken over. And it's not the kind of tablet you type on. Just a tiny touchscreen.

Since I mentioned angsting over some guy, I'm still with the 3rd guy I met online and I like him more every day. I feel lucky that I met him. Fingers crossed. I think the last time I felt as comfortable was with the BUD who was the reason for me starting this blog, but I never felt as comfortable with Bud. The ex-girlfriend thing was always immediately hanging over me. I don't feel like something is hanging over me with this new guy. And we both like walking around in the woods. It's a relief.

In work news, it's that time of my two-year plan: time to apply to become a civil servant. I've put in 4 job applications. My goal is 10.  I would like to stay where I am now because I think it's an interesting place to work. You get to go to talks all the time and learn about your co-workers' research. But to have lots of leave and good insurance and all, you need to be a civil servant.

Alright, I have to book it up to PA because I'm buying new tires for the car tomorrow morning, and a front-end alignment.  Already feeling a bit tired and haven't started packing yet. Sigh - at least I did laundry last night.


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