Saturday, May 30, 2015

end of May - I need a vacation

My laptop is dying, so this blog has suffered. By "dying," I mean that it shuts down if on for too long. I think a little over an hour is too long. Hope that time doesn't shorten warm weather because today's high was 87!

I'm in good spirits these days. It took about 2 weeks for me to be completely over J...something leaving. See? I can't even remember his last name. And then after about a week on okcupid, a new guy sent me a message and we hit it off. First just with messages a couple times a day, then we talked over the phone and texting. And as of today we met 4 times in person. I really think he's funny and nice. At first he wasn't as fun in person - shy? But I think he's loosening up. We didn't even kiss until the third date - I think he was nervous during the whole time leading up to it. I like him. He grows on me each time that I meet him. I never thought I'd send cute stupid text messages to a guy, but I even mean them! I'm surprised. 3rd time on okcupid was the charm.  There are difference between us and we live 38 minutes apart according to GoogleMaps, but I hope it will work out. Too soon to tell really, but this is the first time I've wanted it to work out this much in a while. Second Ryan was wrong because I always felt like I had to live up to his standard, whatever that was. J...something was too different and moved to the same place TB went anyway. TB is original breakup dude.

In other news, the thrift store closest to me sells all their books for 25 cents each. I discovered that when I went with my cousin B. Also with her I discovered that there's Starbucks coffee in my apartment gym. Whaaa? I'm paying for that? My youngest sister graduated from undergrad. I got the carpets shampooed because there was a funny smell. I am on a quest to get quotes for all weather radial tires and a front end alignment. My dad's passion for fixing old cars is cooling. When I went to get a physical, they weighed me and I was 137lbs with all my clothes on (jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, sneakers). I'm trying to walk every day, so hoping this means I'll be firmly 134lbs with clothes on by the end of the summer. I don't eat much. Weight - leave me! I have free HBO again until the end of June. It kind of saved me in the transition from regular cable to only local channels. And I haven't written for E's blog in months #guilt #horribleslackerfriend

I need to plan a vacation! SH offered to plan one with his girlfriend TT and my guy, but not sure if she'd be into that. We haven't quite figured each other out, me and her. It's weird because on a surface level I get along right away with most people. Except her friend at SH's bbq, maybe they spoke about it? Anyway, I have never wanted to date SH and he has never wanted to date me. He's my one brother who's not my biological brother. It's been like that from day one. I just want to be TT's friend too!!! Okay, I'm being ridiculous. The more you want it, the more it won't happen, A.

Speaking of friends, my sisters are both awesome. MW and AC are busy with work, but still awesome. LB is jet-setting off to Texas with her hubby and little W; they're such a great family. CS and I, will we have our summer vacation again? Last year was Ocean City, MD in August (Seacrets!). MM is cute and wonderful as always. That girl. I wish we lived near each other. We'd do such great things together.

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