Thursday, September 18, 2014

the shell collector

Why do I not own Anthony Doerr's The Shell Collector. It's the most fabulous short story collection that I have ever read. So why do I not own it? I'm going to go to the thrift store tomorrow and get some books and if I don't see it, then I'll go online and buy the hardcover version. I've read it twice, so it's not like I need overnight shipping. I can wait.

My grandmother was moved to a different rehab facility. It's hard, I can feel myself drifting away with time because I'm not able to see her every day like my mother does. I was invited to a bratwurst picnic this weekend. What is bratwurst? Is it some type of meat in a pigskin like a sausage? I don't even like beer, so this doesn't seem much like my thing, but then again am I supposed to go so that I can find some single friends? Help me rhonda, help help me rhonda. Okay, I need to stop bursting into song.

Last night I tried to make lentil chili in the crock post, but it's way too tomato paste-y. I don't even want to eat it, but I have a grand total of 8 cups of it left, so I am going to be eating it for a while. Maybe there's  away I can make it taste better. I should  have put less tomato paste in. It made me work too, because I didn't start the crock pot until after 8pm, so I had to set my alarm for an unGodly early morning hour in order to turn it off. And the whole apt smelled like cooking food, which was really distracting when I kept waking up from sleep. Boo to onions. I swear I smelled like them when I went to work today.

Tomorrow I cannot get any Amish food until I take that check to the bank. At least the bank is open until 6pm on Fridays, as I recently learned via google. For the first time in months, I wrote a brief post for E's company blog. I really need to do that again. And not being able to watch a drama until I write a page has made me write 3 pages so far. No sugar in my tea is not that easy. I'm kind of cheating by using this flavored creamer, but I'm measuring it out so that I then have to use half and half. More fat, but less sugar. I loaned several dresses to L so she can pick two to wear to a wedding this weekend. I miss them. Why were most of them blue/green/tan? Don't I own dresses with color?

S depresses me. I need to just forget about him. He's not even a good friend.

Monday, September 15, 2014

pain, so i vow

For no good reason, my right shoulder hurt all day. I'm talking pain, not ache. So bad I had to take ibuprofen and now I know why people get hooked on pain medication. I only hope it's better in the morning.

I vow for the entire week to put no sugar in my tea. I am also not allowed to watch dramas unless I've written a page or read 30 pages.

Tomorrow I'm going to try some different crock pot food. We'll see what happens with lentils, tomatoes, and chicken.

Friday, September 12, 2014

bunch of crock pot food

Yesterday I bought a crock pot from walmart for $15.92. This morning I put in the random food I had in the order the crock pot company said I should. Then I put it on Low and went to work. I confess I worried off and on all day that the crock pot would malfunction and set the apartment on fire. When I got near Rt1 I was relieved not to see smoke billowing up over the trees. So yeah, basically when I walked in the pot lit was doing that thing lids do when there's pressure built up underneath, so rattling basically. I came in and turned the crock pot off. It did make the whole apartment smell like food. It's a little weird because I used these ingredients:

1 can condensed mushroom soup
4 red potatoes, cut into chunks
1/2 a green pepper
1 pack of chicken breasts, cut into chunks
thyme dumped on top

The food cooked perfectly and nicely, but I think I needed a bit more water because there were a couple too dark potatoes and the meat on top was a bit dry. It also needed more salt. Maybe I needed to come back sooner? It cooked for 9 hours because I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Anyway, it was good enough that I stuffed myself with at least 2 servings in a big bowl. Then I put away the leftovers into microwavable dishes. So I've got lunch for Monday already, plus 1 meal each for Sat/Sun. I look forward to experimenting. I need to put in more veggies next time, but I think this is the start of me eating a lot better than I have since I moved in.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

i don't feel permanent

I watched the first episode of "It's Okay, That's Love," a Kdrama that's actually been on for a few weeks. I think next week is it's last week if it's a 16 episode show. The reviews that I've read on dramabeans were a little mixed, so I didn't start it before, but I think the consensus is that it's worth my time, so it's now on my Watching list. The only other thing on that list is Joseon Gunman, which has become a little less exciting as the episodes go on, but I'll still finish while doing my hair or something.

Had one of those long meetings today, which make the work day go by super fast. And then I got a bonus check for winning those awards last month! So yay, when that comes in the next pay period I won't have to worry about maybe moving funds from savings to pay the bills. I'm trying to make my attitude about money be more holistic, as in I think lifetime rather than month-to-month. That may mean that I have to move somewhere else when my lease is up because this place is a great central location, but the rent keeps creeping up, and I now live in a non-rent-controlled state. Does this mean I need to save money in the 401(k) to use to buy a house? I don't feel that permanent yet though, what with the PhD thing not laid to rest. Should I just do it?

Stroke Update - Last weekend I went home so I could see Nana. I'm talking I woke up at work time on Saturday, so I was heading up 95 by 7:22am. I was north of Baltimore by 8am, the time when I'm normally just getting to work. Traffic is crazy, peeps. So I got home and Mom and my middle sister were just getting up. Heck, even Darcy was just uncurling from her rug. Turns out she rejected the pillows I gave her, but is all for bathroom rugs. Anyway, Aunt Shauna came over and then Mom drove to visit Nana. Pop went over to 913 to help Poppi put in a mailbox. When we got to Nana's room she was sitting up in the wheelchair like normal. It shocked everyone I think. For a moment I thought she was cured. But as we were there she started to lose her energy. And by the time Michelle tried to help her choose her meals for the next day, Nana was confused again and hear head progressively lowered. We got to watch as she ate lunch though - she had solid foods, but not too solid as she's still having swallowing problems. Mom says that her insurance is going to run out, so they have to send her home. Mom had a meeting with the doctor on Monday, but I don't know how it went since when I called no one was home. I guess I can ask my middle sister.

My brother hopped a train to FL and my parents keep telling me (in a very laidback way) to make sure he's still alive. I think they're worried, but they're not going to say they're worried. And I get it. I mean, the only money he has is the security deposit from moving out of his apartment. He only got to FL because my dad bought him and his car a train ticket. Mom says I was born with my hands in fists and he was born with his hands wide open. If that means anything, I save money and he spends it. Example, yes I got that bonus check, but I have no plans to buy anything. I don't have anything I want to buy, except I know I'm going to have to buy a new laptop in the next year or so and a new cell phone when the one I have craps out. My brother buys people things and gives people the expensive things he bought but doesn't want to use any more because he wants to use some other thing. I think I could use a little more generosity and he could use a little more selfishness. My middle sister spends and saves, so she's perfect. My youngest sister is just like my brother. Looks both of them are going to need someone to reign them in from spending when they start earning a lot of money. Budget.

My apt is putting new siding on my building and it looks awful because first they rip off all the old siding. They started on the edge of my building and haven't made it to my actual apartment yet, but I'm not going to like it when they do. I foresee a lot of awkward conversations with random men in hardhats in my future. I hope they're attractive men in hard hats.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

yeah my mama she told me don't worry...

May have a problem. I know I have to cook so I can eat. I don't feel like cooking, so I'd rather go to bed hungry. That's what I did last night. Can't today - I need to cheer for myself! I need to be motivated to cook the tomatoes my grandfather gave me from his garden. He grew them himself, ya'll.
from MD, not PA, but close enough
Meghan Trainor's All About that Bass song is stuck in my head. I really haven't listened to the radio much this summer, so I don't know the new songs. Somehow I picked up this one though.

Praying for my nana.