Thursday, July 31, 2014

the closest my toothbrush has ever been to a toilet

The last day of July. What do I have to show for this month? Well I put a little effort into dating, even if nothing came of it. I started a 401(k), which I should have done a year ago. I didn't write for EG's blog enough though. I researched a new car battery, even if I haven't bought it yet... Wow I'm even boring myself.

This morning I woke up and stumbled into the bathroom. I was a little more awake than usual. Usually I run into walls with my shoulders, but that didn't happen. I washed my face and put my contacts in. There was a brown grasshopper on the bathroom wall above my toothbrush. But really high up, so that there was no way I could reach it. I don't possess the willpower to care before 7am, so I just shrugged and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, not only was a tiny spider dangling from the air vent in the ceiling, but the grasshopper had disappeared. I knew the spider had to die before I left for work. I went through the rest of my facial routine and was mainly looking for the grasshopper, which had mysteriously disappeared. Right after I'd finished putting on this facial cream that is supposed to diminish the "dark spots" on my face in 8weeks, I saw the grasshopper. It was perched on top of my toothbrush. All in the bristles. I very calmly picked up the toothbrush. He jerked, but didn't jump. Then I hovered past the sink and over to the toilet. That is - to my knowledge - the closest my toothbrush has ever been to a toilet. And I flicked the grasshopper in. Poor dude. How did it get to the 2nd floor? And then I got dressed and bided my time until the spider went back up its web to the ceiling, where I killed it in a piece of toilet paper.  Bugs, stay out of my apartment.

After that I walked out to my car, saw a penny on the ground. I walked past it. Then I walked back and picked it up. I needed the good luck to not see another bug inside. So far it's all good. Knock on wood.

I talked to EG on the phone today for a little while. Love her. I swear, there are few friends who you don't talk to for a while, but you pick right up where you left off. Even if I'm incapable of maintaining a romance with a dude, I'm good at keeping these girl/girl friendships. Love all those ladies!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

everybody loves somebody - not talking about dean martin

I've been in a book-reading binge all July. Yesterday I finished the memoir "Lucky" by Alice Sebold. I should have known it was going to be rough.

It took me 3 days to read the book and for 3 days I've had trouble falling asleep (it usually takes me less than 5 minutes) and dreamed bad dreams about hiding and darkness. I should have known what I was in for after reading her novel, "The Lovely Bones," in high school. But high school was a long time ago.  Sebold is a fantastic writer.
Then today I was stuck on the parkway on the commute home, so I listened to NPR. Yeah, NPR can be pretty pretentious, but I was thoroughly entertained by a segment about Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One. And then the news came on and I learned that almost 20% of women who attend college will be sexually assaulted or raped during their undergraduate years. The average American woman has a smaller chance of being raped if she doesn't go to college. That's 1 in 5 women. This is wrong. What can I do to stop this?

In July, I read:
Jonathan Rosen's Joy Comes in the Morning
Anne Lamott's Blue Shoe
Suzanne Finnamore's Otherwise Engaged
Norah Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck
Alice McDermott's The Bigamist's Daughter
Joanna Scott's Everybody Loves Somebody
Alice Sebold's Lucky

This is a mix of novels, memoir, and short stories. My favorite book was Joanna Scott's Everybody Love Somebody.  It's short stories. I hadn't actually read a book of short stories in a long while. But this collection, I love an recommend. You don't have to be a romantic to enjoy it, although I admit I am a huge sap or I wouldn't have kept this 7+ year Korean drama addiction sustained for so long.

Also, my Ocean City, MD trip is official. Booked the hotel last night! I have a few weeks to find the perfect sunhat. The perfect sunhat will fit on my giant head - thanks, genetics. Also, I should own a non-one-piece bathing suit that I can stand by now. I have one that makes me look horrible, but that's it.

My officemate is leaving us all - retiring at the end of September. She taught me everything I need to know at that job. She deserves to retire after working for 42 years. But I'll miss her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

soaking strawberries

Got a letter from EM yesterday. Of all the people I know, she writes the best letters. They're like presents. They're written on old vintage paper with a real pen, like she dipped a quill in ink. And she always includes a little card or note that she found in a thrift shop. And they're looong! I love them. I love her.

Other things I love are the drama Marriage Not Dating, which has replaced Seo In-guk's drama only because that drama has gone the way of angst, so I'm going to leave it alone for a few weeks until the story comes out of the doldurms and back to it's original zippy pace. Kdrama angst draaggggs. Just when you think it's over, it hits a snag and unravels so slowly, never to end until the last episode. Or the episode before the last episode. Marriage Not Dating I enjoy because it's got angst and zip built in, so I don't think the story will rocket towards that angst pit of despair. I won't gush about any of the actors because although I like the main lead, Yeon Woo-jin, he's not that pretty. Unless he really pulls out the acting chops, like Park Ki-woong in Gaksital, he's not going to make me gush. He's more winning because of his energy, which I'm hoping he gets to express in this drama. He sure was depressing in Arang, that's for sure. And how is he not serving in the military right now? Did he already go? No clue.

Also, I think I have to go to the doctor about my knee. It's been sore off and on for the past year and refuses to get better. I miss running, and I can't be serious about it when I can't really run. I used to go 4 miles every other day, and then I'd develop shin splints problems. But now I can't even run long enough to develop shin splints. Boo.

Last note: soaking strawberries in vodka just makes them mushy. No flavor explosion.

Friday, July 18, 2014

not the turkey money!

My stomach hurts in a very specific place, so I googled to see if it could be appendicitis. But it's a mild hurting so definitely not.  I guess I waited too long to eat all of those Amish biscuits and they went bad again. Every time I eat a carb, I think about how I don't need it and would rather be eating meat and veggies, but meat and veggies take longer to cook. I should heat up a turkey meatball. Can't have those going bad too. That's a whole lb of turkey money.
not the turkey money!
Kind of excited that my one coworker likes LOTR. More than me, since I only read the books once and have no intentions of reading them again. I'll just watch the movies over and over. It was a chill Friday at work and I like them like that.

Oh miracle of miracles, SH called me the other day to make promises about meeting up this weekend or next weekend, but I don't even expect it to happen. He's like my brother and my brother makes a lot of promises about when he'll be places too, and then he of course isn't in those places when the time comes. I guess everyone's finding themselves these days and those selves are located nowhere near me.

Planning the Ocean City, MD trip because I just need to go to the beach. I'm going to try on a bunch of pairs of jeans tomorrow and buy some that make me look good. I need some blue jeans. I'll sleep in, which means like 8am, and then head to the outlets. I should be out of there by the time the crowds start.
I think RA is going to start that tour soon. 6 months.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

too much sugar and too much salt

Whining is not flattering in anyone. No wonder that never worked on my mom as a kid. A grown man whined to me over the phone today and I had to listen to it for a half an hour because it's my job.
smh. i wanted to go back to sleep
Also, I managed to fail epically at life by 9am - I didn't realize I forgot my work ID until I was 5 minutes away from work, so I had to turn around and drive home. I did the commute twice today guys! And I slept horribly so I was exhausted from the moment I woke up. I did stop for food at the grocery story on the way home, but I didn't have it in me to do more than cut up the fruit I bought. Tomorrow I'll make EG's turkey meatballs again - at least then I'll have something to eat off of.
i always want more protein and veggies. tired of carbs
I thought my facial blemish problems were solved, but I had too much sugar and too much salt yesterday and it's back. Drastic measures are needed.