Friday, December 12, 2014

nervous nervous nervous

But not as nervous as I was earlier, because my appetite came back. What could go wrong? Well. I could miss the flight, in which case I'd be to embarrassed to go to work and would spend the time I was supposed to be away sobbing. I could get lost trying to find the long term parking. I could give my apt-sitter the wrong key. I could get the airline wrong. I could forget the boarding pass. I could forget to pack my contacts... I am being ridiculous.

I got the cutest family Christmas card in the mail. My friend, MB's has the cutest children of all the people I know. Yes, I have friends with cute kids, but MB has two... so she wins. MB is really pretty and so are her girls. I don't know how I have never actually met her husband, but she got a good egg!

P is holding off. Dare I say will fail to show up until sometime next week? It will be much easier to deal with P during the Hobbit movie. Oh yeah, driving all the way to PA to be able to see it with the crew. It's our tradition. Sadly, we can't do the midnight premiere this year, but we only did for LOTR3 and Hobbit1 anyway. The bro will be absent again as he's still in Miami, but it'll still be awesome. Legolas alone is enough.

Anyway, tonight I want to:

  • finish sorting through my mail
  • watch the last Gracepoint if it's onDemand
  • pack
  • upload some music to my phone (?) eh, I have my iPod 5Gen
Also, I have two bottles of wine because at the RA holiday party at work yesterday I won a door prize which was a bottle of wine. And then there was the bottle I already have. I want to make some sangria out of it. I love sangria. 

Peace and love everyone.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

aldi, late lunch, hair and tv

Big things in my immediate future. For today, the only thing I did was go to Aldi for the second time. I lost a coat button there. It wasn't a button I needed, but still. And then I went to MW's for a delicious late lunch. I never did eat anything after I got home but tea and 7 honey twist pretzels. 7 is a serving. I have to restrict myself, because those things are my addiction. And I also did my hair and caught up on Gracepoint and Haven while doing it. LB, one of my friends, had a baby this year and said she started watching more tv because there's nothing else to do while nursing. Years of doing my hair has conditioned me for that. Not that I want to have a kid and start nursing any time soon.  Need to lay off the spearmint leaves, because my chin is red. Boo! It has to be them. I haven't eaten anything else unhealthy. That I know of.

Going to get my lunch for tomorrow together quickly, and then wash my face and head to bed. Trying to leave the house on time because I don't like having to stay at work later because I got there later. This weekend was the first time all week that I got to see my apartment in the daylight. It's actually pretty nice upstairs. I'm busy for the next 3 weekends, so I won't get to enjoy it much. I'm not going to Philly for New Year's after all. Too much back and forth in my December. I'm going to need a break by then. If I can just convince MW and/or AC to go somewhere fun with me, or even just to burn logs in MW's fireplace, then I'll be set. No way am I having a repeat of last New Years.  I learned that lesson.

Wish me luck at my last full week of work in 2014!

gimme gimme! yum yum

Sunday, November 30, 2014

time does dull emotions

The last day of November. I got to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my mom's side of the family. My immediate family usually goes to my dad's side in Pittsburgh, but this year my maternal grandparents are too sick to be left alone. My grandmother is still the same from her stroke. It was very hard to see her at first, but now I think the family has gotten used to how she is, which helps us cope. I also feel like I'm being desensitized, which disturbs me, but that's what time does - dulls emotions.

I got to spend time with family and my sisters and 2 cousins even went Black Friday shopping in kop. I must be growing up because I actually started to buy only Christmas presents. That may have degenerated into 3 tops and a pair of pajama pants for me, but I started off well. Three nights of sleeping on my parents sofa and my knee hurts. Yeah, I think my running days are over.

My sister and I also got new phones since it was time for both our upgrades. They came with free tablets. Is there such a thing as too much technology?  Probably. I don't actually watch tv in bed. If I want to read a book in bed, well I read a book, and if I wanted to read a screen, it would be the kindle. Saw Maleficent last night. It was a nice twist on the traditional Sleeping Beauty story. I also watched the first season of The Bletchley Circle, which sounds like a horrible disease, but is actually a suspenseful girl power show.

So this is the last day of November and have I learned anything? That I want to avoid S. Not SH (we're cool, although I am not like his other friends). I think he was fishing to meet up, but he didn't ask, so I just went and did my thing. It's probably for the best. Other things: I don't like the cold. The fastest lane in slow traffic on 95 really is the right lane.

My new fashion mission is elegant lounge wear. That's the last gap in my wardrobe (okay, besides a cream blazer, work pants, and bikini top that actually fits). I wear as much make-up as I ever will, so no purchases needed until something runs out.

Goodnight, November. The Christmas music can now commence.

Monday, November 24, 2014

in the arp groove. i miss my bed.

So far I've been able to keep up with posting to the arp blog every other day, but I don't know how much longer this is going to last. I'm staying in the groove by always thinking up the idea for my next post before I stop. Then after I log back in tomorrow or the next day and finish it, I'll be in the writing groove and able to find another blog idea. Right now, a lot of my blogs are inspired by other blog posts. Not feeling my most creative. We definitely need another content provider. I don't know how much longer the two of us can hold out before falling into another slump. They keep saying it'll snow the day before Thanksgiving, but I don't quite believe it. However, I am lazy so I'm not travelling until the actual holiday. So tired all the time. And then I might have to drive for 5 hours after I get there? Ugggggh. I miss my bed already.

Both my mom's parents are in the hospital. It's not easy being 80-something. They're supposed to get out soon though. We'll see. At least over break maybe my dad can get my car trunk to unlock.

The tornado painting doesn't quite terrify me now. It's something about the shape of the tornado about 2/3rds of the way up that starts to scare me if I keep looking at it.

Again, I love my bed. Going to sleep now.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

muhahahahahaha ...aha!

My new goal is feel stylish while lounging at home. For too long I have lounged in the sweatpants from kmart that I bought 6 years ago (I bought 4 pairs in different colors). Ew, has it really been that long? Anyway, I will take a note from the kdrama heroine who lounge around in oversized sweaters and comfy skirts and fleece-lined tights. It's what I tried today, and I love it. Maybe a thrift store clothing run is going to happen, because this does wonders for my self-esteem. Also, I look really good in mint green. Why do I not own more shirts/sweaters in this color?

Day 3 of me having sand storm colored nails and the chipping is constant, but at least the color is close enough to my actual nail color that you don't really notice. I've always admired this color when I saw it on a girl in a kdrama or a model. And now it is mine. Muhahahahahaha! ... ha ha!