Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl 50 time

Watching the 50th Superbowl on tv. I'm in a really different place from last year. Meaning that last year I was at a Superbowl party with people I didn't really care about, except for SH of course. This year, I'm just at home, but feeling more ...

wow 3 yellow flags. Right now the score is 10 to 0, the Broncos are winning over the Panthers.

Anyway, all I'm saying is that I was two months away from meeting LC. I still had to go through that other guy first.

yes to a Carolina touchdown! I think I want the Panthers to win now - they were down in the beginning and I do love an underdog.

And also last year I was still 5 months away from being able to apply for a CS job. And hadn't gone through that summer of physical therapy. Yeah, a lot happened since last February. I mean, I know some Portuguese and Polish now. Surprising, right?

I turned on the laptop to check out an application for a leadership program, but the due date is tomorrow, and I haven't even worked for my new employer for one year yet - I'll wait until next year. And it would be pretty bad to ask my supervisor to write an essay about me for the supervisor rec form in one afternoon. It's better etiquette to give her a week.

I'm going to move at the end of this month. What do I like most about moving? Not having the whole entire downstairs of my apartment smell like weed. I was perfectly happy with this apartment until the weed neighbors moved in back in the summer, and until the price moved up. With the amount of $$ I'm paying in school loans these days, it's just not work it to not try and save $159 per month. I'll put it into the loan payments. Every little bit helps.

where are they playing? It seems warm and sunny there. The opposite of the northeast. 11 minutes left in the second quarter.

Kdramas that I'm watching right now: Cheese in the Trap, Remember - Son's War, Madame Antoine. I think I'm going to drop Madame Antoine because I can't stand Sung Joon's character, and it's making me dislike looking at his face. His character is pouty and childish; I'd rather look at a man. I'll keep watching Remember-Son's War, but it's veering into melodrama and might turn into one of those cases where I just read the recaps. I love Cheese in the Trap though; that drama is gold; I was in love from 28 minutes in.

Here's hoping the commercials and the half-time show are entertaining. So far the Doritos commercial is the most entertaining, Doritos at an ultrasound...

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last Time We Met (2015)

Last day of 2015 - it was actually sunny.
Reminds me of autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Now that I got that "new" job, I only had to work 4 hours. Yay for leave time as a present! I went to Target. I was going to grab a bottle of champagne from Total Wines, but the parking lot was too full. Maybe it won't be so bad the closer it gets to midnight. Anyway, I like the holidays, the feeling of work slowing as only the most important and pressing matters take over, which turn out to be relationships with other people after all.

When I went home for Christmas, SC texted me wanting to meet up. He "might" be free, which is what I hated about him. Just say you are or you aren't. Anyway, I said I'd catch him later, which I have no intention of doing. It's dawned on me that I don't particularly like him.

Last night I saw a different S who I of course love, SH! One of the only men in my life who I'd call a friend. Why don't I see him more often? Ah, that reminds me that I didn't finish that email to the other man in my life who I'd call a friend - CS. . . .done and sent. Anyway, dessert + card game + Samurai Jack made it good times, even if traffic was craaaap yesterday afternoon.

What behavior did I change in 2015? To say my feelings. In 2016, LC doesn't know what he's in for.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Point of My Rants

I ranted to my boyfriend and then to my youngest sister about a work thing (leaving names out and putting only analogies in). I realize that all I wanted to hear was: "You're right. Why didn't (s)he just listen to you in the first place?"

This is kind of a revelation for me. Apparently I get really upset when people don't do what I say. In this case, it's not what I say, but what the company/agency says. So I'm right. Right? This is why I need to not have too much power. I'm like Vin Diesel's character in The Pacifier: "My way. No highway option."

Sunday, December 13, 2015

checking in - Day 1 Christmas Shopping 2015

Be prepared - thinking out loud.

I started this blog because of a break up. Now I'm in a relationship (it's been a little over 7 months) and I don't write as much. Why? I like writing, so it's not because I only need inner turmoil to write - I think it's my tablet. On Black Friday weekend 2014, I got a new phone and with the new phone came a free tablet. So I didn't need to turn on the computer as much. And after a whole day on the computer at work, I don't want to look at a computer by the time I get home. To remedy this, maybe I should wake up earlier and write a little then, but who am I kidding - I enjoy waking up with the sun, but during daylight savings I'm already waking up before the sun just to get ready to work. We'll see.

I went Christmas shopping today - bought a magic bullet blender for MWF and a cover for my dad's motorcycle and a case/keyboard for MCF's tablet. But I walked into Marshalls and bought a coat for myself (using $100 bill that Mom gave me for my birthday) and also a gray French Connection sweater, a black blazer, and a 2016 agenda. That's what happens when I have a $10 gift certificate apparently. I can only smh at myself. At the motorcycle accessories store, the really cool looking saleschick asked me if I ride. She was decked out in black leather. She was so much cooler than me in my tan loafer and jeans.

It was a beautiful day today - I was walking around in short sleeves and a cardigan. This is global warming, isn't it? Yeah, I really doubt it will snow before the new year (knock on wood).

How are things going with my sigfig? Well. Some things are not ideal with my health right now, but hopefully after they're sorted out it will get much better. He's a keeper because he's still around while I'm healing. The things I've learned about my body in 2015. At least I know how to deal with my knees thanks to all that physical therapy.  We are going to Williamsburg, VA for a couple days, which should only cost us about $200 per person, and that's taking expensive gas and expensive food into account. The hotels down there are much cheaper than in Cape Cod or Ocean City.

The question remains - what am I going to do about Christmas presents for my non-immediate family? I can ask Mom about Nana/Poppi. Not sure about the cousin girls though. I'll need to get Muni something, and ImMcM wanted brown leather shoes. Hmm.  Is there some way that I can get KhMcM not to buy me a present this year? I know, I know - it's the thought that counts.

In terms of work - I have started my additional duties and all is good. It was a struggle at first and I had to put in a lot more hours than normal, but it's started to calm down a little. And now that it's December, let the Christmas parties roll in. I've already gone to one and skipped the center-wide party. Going to another one on Wednesday. Skipping my direcorate one because I'll be in Williamsburg. Oh, I meant to find a Christmas sweater from the thrift store this weekend - oops. And I just did laundry too.

What do I want for Christmas? Expensive earrings and the Jurassic World dvd. Yeah, that about sums it up.

I'm still doing the DuoLingo website - I've finished Spanish and now I just to maintenance exercises. I started Portuguese because it's similar to Spanish. I am going to be crap at speaking it. I think that Duolingo will release Polish in the next 6 months, and when they do I will try that so that I can talk a little with my sigfig. Should he get his own tag? The last time I wrote a blog entry I was super pissed at him. In the end, we went to Cape Cod and I was irritated some of the time. More than I usually am. But that's the most pissed I've ever been at him. I tell you, I was breathing fire.

How is living with my littlest sister? I miss living alone. Apparently I'm a neatfreak and she makes me nag at her. I didn't even think about the rules of my house because I am the only one living in it, but I've had to think about them with her. No eating upstairs. No drinking anything but water upstairs. Open the blinds before you leave for work. Ugh, I want to organize the room she's staying in and it smells funny. I wouldn't feel as if these were My Rules, but she's not paying me anything, so she doesn't really get a say. Now I know what those parents feel when they say "my house, my rules." They worked hard for that house!  My mom says it's a learning experience for both of us... she would say that. Got to love her.

Anyway, I hope Williamsburg goes well and that my health gets better in a hurry. Will make an effort to check in more - I'm going to be so entertained by this blog later in life.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

the loveseat

The loveseat is too comfortable. Every time I sit in it I fall asleep. It doesn't matter if it's 5pm or 9pm or 10am. Why is this happening? Does this mean I'm not well-rested? That loveseat has a spell on it.

My man is in Europe and I miss him. He's so cute when he's sleepy. I also miss having friends who live near me. LB is about to move far away. Same state, just a lot farther than they are now.  Apparently I never was really friends with the other people in the running group, but I knew that. I miss MW and AC. It was fine when they lived around here. Why did Philly take AC?

Listening to the Redskins lose to the Giants. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they'll win. Idk my bff Jill.

It's the week of TV premieres. Please no Empire spoilers.

I think I need to trim my hair. The ends have fairy knots.