Sunday, November 23, 2014

muhahahahahaha ...aha!

My new goal is feel stylish while lounging at home. For too long I have lounged in the sweatpants from kmart that I bought 6 years ago (I bought 4 pairs in different colors). Ew, has it really been that long? Anyway, I will take a note from the kdrama heroine who lounge around in oversized sweaters and comfy skirts and fleece-lined tights. It's what I tried today, and I love it. Maybe a thrift store clothing run is going to happen, because this does wonders for my self-esteem. Also, I look really good in mint green. Why do I not own more shirts/sweaters in this color?

Day 3 of me having sand storm colored nails and the chipping is constant, but at least the color is close enough to my actual nail color that you don't really notice. I've always admired this color when I saw it on a girl in a kdrama or a model. And now it is mine. Muhahahahahaha! ... ha ha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

after that disappointing coffee event which was vaguely disappointing for reasons I don't even quite know

New goal is to try to be better to the ARP blog and write more for it. I'm trying to find interesting articles or at least a topic for when I have the energy to write. Every so often I just do a google news search on books, but I really have to wait a week for there to be new articles. I think what I need is a few blogs that I go to for inspiration. We'll see.

Went to the second contractor event today and I wasn't really wowed. Maybe later? I'm only doing it so that I can make some friends, but everyone is in the early polite stage. You cannot rush friendship. I mean, how long did it take me to become good friends with AC anyway? I need to send her a check for my hotel portion now that I think of it. I should write that and get it into the mail. And darn I was just at the post office today.

New person at work, so there's training involved. And I'm doing part of it. Why did that happen? It feels weird. And then she mentioned that what she really wants to do is procurement so after a year she might just go and find another job. And then I can see it happening again - having to train a new person. Gosh, that's not ideal. No ideal at all. I hope it doesn't happen actually. B won't be around to explain all the things I don't know. Goshhhh. Ah well, just trust in God and try to eavesdrop to be able to train the next person I guess. There are tutorials.

But I don't like to bring work home. I prefer to turn it off actually. Which usually isn't hard as I'm not really that interested in work-related things. Now whenever I see the logo I cringe. I bought myself a mug and I never use it because it makes me cringe and think about work. Now I see why I don't own a work t-shirt or hat or hoodie.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

spices versus herbs

"I think we're close enough / can I lock in your love?"

Still on my Sam Smith kick. Gosh, why? I should be in bed right now.  I made a stew with chickpeas in it. I kind of want to eat it for lunch tomorrow instead of the lentils/rice I made on Saturday, but I've already filled the lunch containers. I only have 2. Pyrex, baby. Anyway, tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so definitely no post-work trip to get that bookshelf. Tuesday? Wednesday?

I made it to the Aldi, which was fine. I forget that they don't give you bags there. I was determined not to pay extra, so I just put the things in the passenger seat of the car (b/c my trunk won't unlock) and then brought out bags from the apartment. I have so many extra ones from the other grocery stores. I will put the reusable Old Navy bag in the car though. Maybe if I leave it in the passenger seat, I'll remember to bring it in. Also, I was driving back and a bunch of stores are opening like a 5 minute drive away from me. I could now potentially go to a Regal Cinema even! I've only lived this close to a cinema once in GA and then I had no money to spend on movies. Not that I really do now. We'll see how this new benefits and such affects my paycheck. Either way, I should be set to go to Puerto Rico, but that trip isn't for a while, so I need to forget about it for now.

I have trouble with spices in recipes, so I made some cute lists and put them on the kitchen wall. One is spice substitutions and the other is herb substitutions. They're cute because I drew little cartoon animals on them in colored pencil. I also learned that there is a difference between a spice and an herb. Just what makes that distinction, I'm not interested enough to google.

I need to come up with a catchy name for the brief newsbites that I write for a blog I'm actually paid to write for. Newsbites is taken. OMG post is taken. ONTD is a livejournal (very entertaining one). What happened to my creativity?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I debate self-body-shaming and Joo-won's increasing appeal

So I actually cooked today and am enjoying all this warm food. I made the best hard boiled eggs I've ever made. I love biting into them when they're warm. I had two. Yuuuum.  And then I made lentils in chicken broth and rice to go with it. And now I'm having seconds. Now this isn't unhealthy food, but I feel really greedy having seconds because I'm so full. I'm mostly full because I also drank 2 cups of tea and a glass of water. So as I was spooning the lentils into my bowl, I laughed and said, "This is why you're fat." Is it healthy to say that, or do I have body image issues? Of course I have body image issues. For the record, I'm not fat, but I used to be overweight. About 25 pounds over weight. Anyway, I lost the weight and it's been kept off for over 2 years. Honestly, the only way it's coming back is if I get pregnant, because I changed the way I eat. That means I'm not on a diet, I just made new habits. Also it took me 5 years to gain 25 pounds, so one meal isn't going to do much. It then took me 3 to lose it. Fair. Anyway, I'm super conscious about what I put into my body and I don't have to track my food anymore, like I did religiously for the first year. So, I'm not fat. Why did I say that to myself, then? People who I haven't seen in a while comment that I've lost weight even since I started my desk job.

Watching Cantabile Tomorrow, 10th episode. This is my third Joo-won drama. And now for some reason I love him? When did that happen? Granted, he was hard to love in Gaksitaaaaaal. All my Gaksital love went to Park Ki-woong. But I did love him and Uee as a couple in Ojakgyo Brothers. There it was more about Uee though.

I am of course the blonde in this scenario.
When did Joo-won get so cute?

Friday, November 14, 2014

it's all so magical

I used to like alcohol a lot more. I mean I used to like the taste. Now it just makes me sleepy. I see no reason to waste my time with beer, so I normally head straight for the vodka. But it's just making me tired and vaguely dissatisfied with life in general. Guess I'm done with all this.

Did some more dreaming up of my story world. I think this is going to take longer than I thought. At this rate my writing process is dreaming up the whole world via freewrite before I ever write a sentence of the actual story. And I think I'll write the end first, because it's what I'm feeling the most powerfully. I only have the youngest son's name. Everyone else is only defined by their relationship to him. I've always hated naming. It's so final. I did decide to give them astrological signs as well as relationships. So far I have a 3 kid/2 parent family, a babysitter, and the girl who meets the oldest son on page one. But I guess that oldest son needs a friend, and so does the sister. And I need to know what the deal with the babysitter and her husband is first too. Basically she was the babysitter years ago, not anymore. In order for her to have babysit both the youngest son and the girl who meets the oldest son, I'm going to have to do the ages carefully. I think before I'd put him at 8 and the girl at 12, but then I put a 10 year age difference between the two brothers, so that might not work for him and the girl. Although I guess she should be younger than the sister to establish the power dynamic. Magical realism takes more attention to detail in that you must carefully explain the rules of the world so that you don't betray your readers. This is a mistake that dramas make all the time.