Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last Time We Met (2015)

Last day of 2015 - it was actually sunny.
Reminds me of autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Now that I got that "new" job, I only had to work 4 hours. Yay for leave time as a present! I went to Target. I was going to grab a bottle of champagne from Total Wines, but the parking lot was too full. Maybe it won't be so bad the closer it gets to midnight. Anyway, I like the holidays, the feeling of work slowing as only the most important and pressing matters take over, which turn out to be relationships with other people after all.

When I went home for Christmas, SC texted me wanting to meet up. He "might" be free, which is what I hated about him. Just say you are or you aren't. Anyway, I said I'd catch him later, which I have no intention of doing. It's dawned on me that I don't particularly like him.

Last night I saw a different S who I of course love, SH! One of the only men in my life who I'd call a friend. Why don't I see him more often? Ah, that reminds me that I didn't finish that email to the other man in my life who I'd call a friend - CS. . . .done and sent. Anyway, dessert + card game + Samurai Jack made it good times, even if traffic was craaaap yesterday afternoon.

What behavior did I change in 2015? To say my feelings. In 2016, LC doesn't know what he's in for.

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