Monday, July 27, 2015

before I forget

1. On my parents' 37th anniversary. Starbucks, then thrift store for books, then Indian food at Jewel of India
2. A week and 3 days later. Botanical Gardens, then Argentinian food that I didn't like
3. 4 days later, after work. Met at a park. First smooch(es).
4. 3 days later, the same park. Before his work. More smooches on a bench.
5. 3 days later, went to buy me new running shoes and look at glucosamine. This is before my physical therapy started. Went to a random diner.
6. 5 days later. He slept over. Just sleeping. I made him breakfast and we went to my local thrift store because the books are a quarter.
7. A week later. Went to the Luray Caverns. Day trip! I slept over afterwards. Just sleeping.
8. A week later. What did we do?
9. A week later. The park again. In the morning before his work. We decided to go on vacation together in late summer. There were a lot of older men in the park, trekking through the trees in outdoorsy clothes - a club event?
10. 9 days later. He came over after my work. His day off. He slept over. Just sleeping. Woke up early, but still got stuck in traffic a little.

We became official.

11. 10 days later. I went to his place. Chicken wings and appetizers after midnight. Slept over.
12. A week later. I went to his place. Slept over. In the morning, we went to a farm and picked blackberries.

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