Sunday, August 30, 2015

a month later

It's been a month since I last posted. My posting frequency slowed every since I got a tablet after Black Friday 2014 and also because my laptop is not a fan of being turned on these days. I keep it downstairs. We will make it to 7 years - I bought the laptop in Roanoke back in 2008.

What's new? Y is staying with me while she searches for an apartment. It's nice to have the company. I know I get set in my ways when I live by myself. It's still nice living alone and I don't regret doing it.  I had my last session of physical therapy for my knees this week. My knees are mostly healed, but it's also because I got the CS job and there will be a lapse in my health insurance coverage. About 2 weeks.

I'm right now on vacation because I took the next week off. It's the first vacation day I've taken since May 1 when I went to my youngest sister's art show. Yes, it's been a long summer. At some point in the middle I started to grow crazy for it, but then the crazy peaked and I was fine with not taking a vacation. This must be how corporations keep there people from taking long trips. Not that my trip is particularly long, but it is the first trip I'm taking with a man. Lord, I hope this works out. Rest assured, he's funny and caring, which is what I care about, so I think it will work out. He kept thinking I would cancel on him - do I not inspire confidence in men? Yes, I am independent. I can function without you. Is that a reason to have angst about whether I care about you? I do though.

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