Thursday, July 18, 2013

green pepper party hardy

It's so hot. I think I'm going to sleep downstairs. I just got that new bed and i don't even get to enjoy it. It's the sofa for me tonight. After I left work, I'd spent all day in the air conditioning so I was cold and I figured I could make it without air-conditioning.... and then my face started to get flushed and I started sweating. 1.5 miles into my commute I turned on the AC. Lol... all I can say.

Ate lunch with a work friend and really enjoyed it. She gave me green pepper from her garden. It tasted so much better than from the grocery store! She's a real adult - owns her own house! Some day, right?

On the way home I gave into my clothes shopping craving and stopped by TJ Maxx. Got the hottest green jewel-toned Ralph Lauren dress. I'm going to be so classy when I have somewhere fancy to go. I also got a black dress, a running shirt, running shorts, and open toed shoes. Tomorrow is casual Friday and I can't wait! The plan is to run a couple miles in the morning, and get to work by 8.

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