Thursday, July 11, 2013

it's curtains for you

Another day another dollar. Or several million in my case, job job. Forced myself to head to the Goodwill after work to see what I could see. Nothing impressive in the way of pans, but I did get 10 pieces of silverware, 3 books, 2 wine glasses, a mason jar glass, and a soup bowl that looks like a giant mug, all for $8.48. Aaaand a snazzily dressed man said "after you" when we met at the head of an aisle. He was so snazzily dressed that I'm 98% sure he was gay - no straight man wears dress pants that tight.

19 days and counting for my pregnant friend. A little less than 2 weeks until M, my sole remaining childhood friend, comes to visit me for her birthday weekend! I'm excited. The pressure will force me to decorate. It's already forced me to buy a bed. I like where this is going. I've always wanted pretty, lacy curtains in lavender. I only have 3 windows. This is so doable. I saw them when I was traipsing through IKEA on Tuesday but I was on a bed mission then. Hmmm. I really need to remember to buy sheets and a couple pillows.
yes, curtains like these
or these (minus the cat)
This morning I put in my right contact in-side-out. I have the daily kind. I've never done that before, but I could feel it right away. I could still see though. What if there was a story about a person who put on their contacts in-side-out and their whole world turned in-side-out and they couldn't get back? There's something there.

I'm going to run 5K solo tomorrow after work, but I miss the running group people...

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