Tuesday, July 16, 2013

can't have a pie without cool whip

Slept in my running clothes last night. Woke up. Didn't feel like running. Remembered I was in my running clothes and that I wanted to mail a letter to AC. Rolled out of bed and ate breakfast blind. Stumbled back upstairs; put my contacts in. Left the apt just after 7 and ran 1.12 miles. Took the letter with me and shoved it into the mailbox halfway through the run. Kept going (the last half is uphill). Saw a hot guy walking his dog. I can do two loops on Thursday. Heat waves, man.
why is this not me?
In the middle of work, I was eating the same giant bag of trailmix I've been eating for a month. It hurt my tooth. So I finally called the dentist, expecting to get an appointment in a month or whenever. But they had a cancellation. Tomorrow morning at 8am. I'm scared. Going to frantically brush my teeth, but that won't help much. What's done is done.

Watched an episode of Monstar, a teenage angst Kdrama. I never had the kind of big problems these kids have. But I knew kids who did. The kids in the drama are in a band, so I listen to them sing, and am entertained. Heard the male lead is a member of Beast in real life. I'm not a Kpop fan except for GD and/or T.O.P, and the guy in the drama is your average idol, but he's doing an alright job of acting. In Kdramas, the ex-models are the awesome actors, definitely not the idols.
allow me to fangirl
Although if GD decided he was going to be in a drama, I would watch it.

Today I got some eclipse glasses and used them to stare at the sun. I also ate cool whip frozen by liquid nitrogen. All this happened at work.

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