Sunday, July 14, 2013

real danger

I'm the proud owner of a queen-sized bed! Ikea delivered yesterday and surprisingly my dad, mom, and sister were able to drive down last night and help put it together (they even brought the dog). Thank you, family. I'm turning the room with the twin bed into the guest room, but I'm too lazy to move my work clothes over, so I'll just walk back and forth. Every closet in the apartment is my closet, so whatever, right? My youngest sissy was disgusted that I haven'd decorated yet. Got to get the furniture situation taken care of first, but I've thought about it.
I'll probably go with some impressionist prints, like this JMW Turner...
I'm currently in love with a Kdrama called I Hear Your Voice. It satisfies my need for well-written plot, high stakes, a fear inspiring villain, and cute couple stuff. It's being recapped on dramabeans, and the debates/insights there make the show even better. Check it out.

Our planned Hopkids weekend was supposed to happen the 19th, but it's a no-go. Just as well - E is due soon and can't come anyway. I don't have much vacation built up, so it would have been a weekend thing. Who has time to even enjoy yourself when you fly out Friday after work and return Sunday night? Hoping to do something with the local girls instead.

I am in real danger of being out-of-shape - it does nothing but rain everyday! Last week I had to forget about the running group and do my own thing during a break in the storms. I planned to do 5K Friday, buuut it rained all day. Fingers crossed for Monday. Hoping to finish work at 6 when it's cooler and do the 5K at my own pace. Last summer I'd run at 7pm, but I can't bring myself to stay at work that long, and the trails off campus aren't safe for a girl alone.

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