Friday, April 18, 2014

dude man all dressed in plaid shouts

Been sleeping a lot. This is the latest I've been up in days. I really need to mail that car seat back to E's mom. But first, I cowashed my hair, so now I'm just going to do twist outs and promptly sleep. And also try to get some laundry done.

Yesterday was Thursday and MW's birthday -
Here we are on April 17th
Who's that girl walking down the street?
Wearing those pink pumps on her feet.
Wondering what she can do today
Gotta get to the mall so she can't delay
All the boys come out to say
Go shorty, it's your birthday

Yes, that was so 2004. But I will never ever forget her birthday.

Met AC at Columbia Mall to help her shop for work clothes. Great to spend time with a friend who I know will be by friend no matter what I do.

Day before that was Wednesday and I did the fun run at work but 32 degree windchill so I got a cough and a brief fever. That was the day I went to sleep 8.

Day before that was Tuesday. Cold and rained all day and high was only 54 when the four days before that it was 75. So I came home and was asleep by 6pm. Then I woke up at 12:58am and had dinner and watched a Big Bang Theory episode and then I went back to sleep at 3:08am.

Monday I left work early and took E and A to BWI. All those nights I slept in the guest room b/c I was too lazy to change the sheets on the queen bed which I'd let E and A sleep in. Not tonight!  Oooh, birthday minute!

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