Monday, April 21, 2014

just a little bookshelf building with my mom

I made a bookshelf with my mom and it is beautiful. To be fair, she mostly made it. I was that slacker kid who does only what is asked of him/her and nothing more and it's super annoying to be paired with them on a group project. Well let me tell you, it's not because that slacker kid is lazy - it's because he/she is afraid of doing it wrong b/c they tried the first time and messed up so they're afraid to try again. It's one thing if the mess up affects only them, but it's another if it affects other people. The slacker kid is afraid of guilt and blame and of costing people things like money. Now I understand.

On Saturday I was at my parents' by 11am and Mom and I left on an epic journey to the Home Depot to buy all our supplies. That bookshelf is made out of 2"x10" pine thank you very much. Built to last. And a golden oak or forest pine finish. Oh all the wood stain names are so similar. A few splinters and some hives (courtesy of blue latex gloves) later, I'm back in Maryland with a super cute bookshelf/tv stand. It even opens up the room. I have a new appreciation for woodworking and for sanding. No matter how much I sanded I just created more splinters.
this bookshelf is almost as cool as the one we made.... wait, not even close

Next home project is to paint the frames I got from that one Goodwill trip and hang them up in the guest room. I also need to buy a hammer to get the hooks out so I don't have to nail them into the wall. And then maybe I'll buy curtains.

This weekend I'm volunteering to clean up this old house all Saturday.  I mean all day, am I supposed to bring 3 square meals? Where do I go to the bathroom during all that? Please don't let them give me latex gloves only b/c the hives are still here and some of them itch. That Benadryl I took last night didn't do anything. Washing my hands in hot water hurts.

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