Monday, April 28, 2014

oh guyliner

It happened so slowly that I didn't realize that Bride of the Century was going to crap. But it did. I kept thinking it was going to get better, so I kept watching, but it never did. I'm going to pretend half the stuff in the last episode didn't really happen. And when did the female lead get pregnant? Was it on their fake wedding night when they woke up fully dressed in like three layers of sweaters? And the male lead never did change the blankets on his bed for 15 episodes. Yeah, he slept a lot in this show I guess. Everybody was always passing out thanks to miss Ghost.

Anyway, my hair is done, so I'll sleep. And I do now slightly barely mostly respect Lee Hong-ki and not just think of him as Jeremy from You're Beautiful. He was so ridiculous in that. And I think he dresses pretty ridiculously in general and should never have a pony-tail and looks best with black hair because brown hair is too close to his skin tone. But he's a kpop boy so his hair will hardly ever stay black I bet.

Oh, I saw a ridiculous kpop music video with b.a.p. I only kept watching because it was a story music video with all kinds of crap going on and they were so pretty. Can I have a personal make up artist? Oh guyliner.

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