Sunday, May 26, 2013

the grad party beat all other grad parties

I did it. I went to BG's graduation party and had fun. Like in a TV reality series, BG's parents got her a car with bows on it and the works.  Her family is so awesome. I also talked to Bud for a long time. Looks like time heals all wounds, and yadda yadda yadda. I get that it wasn't meant to be. I'm surprised it doesn't hurt more, but glad. There's still the potential to mess myself up. I don't want to go through that again.

After the family party, people 21+ went to South Street in Philly. I went to high school about an hour away from Philly, but I never did make it to South Street after I turned 21. It's good to be in Yuengling land for Memorial Day weekend. And BG has all these 20-something cousins that all live around the Philly area, so they go out together. My family is spread around the country - I wish I could go out with my cousins on a regular basis. If wishes were horses...

As always in Philly, you can't go without mishaps (I got snippy in the parking lot, grid detours, lack of cash for a cover charge, gas station ineptitude, a sculpture that looked like Tamagotchi poo but was actually a giant blob of paint, etc.). I get stressed out in cities, but it's good for me. One can't be chill 24/7 - definitely not healthy. Anyway, good conversation, and good times meeting people. I wouldn't have missed this grad party for the world. Being in such a comfortable setting only proved to me that I need to make more friends near my apartment. I want a positive, fun, energetic social network.
Yeah, Philly!

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