Tuesday, May 14, 2013

James approves

I made a game plan at work today, so I was able to get done as much as I expected. I've become obsessed with bikes. Outside my building, there are two bicycles that anyone can use to ride anywhere on campus. I want to bike to building 1 and buy some organic sea salt chocolate. Unfortunately, I didn't try to until lunch, so all the bikes were taken. 200+ people work in my building, so it's no surprise. I will ride one of those bikes though. I will!

Instead of running ( since my knees feel like the horror today), I hopped on the parkway, No traffic because it was 4:30. Love love loved that. I went Village Thrift a few miles from my apt, which I can't believe I hadn't gone to yet. I wanted some pretty work shirts in light colors, but I came away with a pair of Ann Taylor Loft jean shorts ($5.90) and a gorgeous vase ($1.90). I'm a 4 in Loft pants/skirts, which I know because I have about 7 skirts from there. Not sure if I like Village Thrift store or the local Goodwill better.  I'll try my luck at the Goodwill later this week and hope the clothing prices are lower. Verdict forthcoming.
They are basically these shorts, which cost $39.50.
Today is the one year anniversary of me being in the same room as James Morrison. Yes, at his concert. What a good day that was last year.
James approves.

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