Monday, May 13, 2013

got to man up

At work, all was deceptively good until around 1:30pm. Stress! The email crush put me in such a pissy mood. I'll have to to run every day this week. How else am I going to get through it? So much for cute hair. I'll toss on a headband and call it a day.

The running group was all chatty, but I couldn't bring myself to speak much. When I'm trying to stop myself from ranting, I internalize. We're not exactly friends, so I can't just go unburdening my frustration on near strangers. Ugh. I'm so bored lately I drink vodka for kicks - I'm sure the alcohol's going straight to my waist. I need to stop, but I can't run 24/7, so what else do I do? This is why people need hobbies.

After running, I went back to work. For the first time, I dreaded walking in the door to my building. My feet dragged walking up to the 3rd floor. And then after putting in my time, I even felt like another quick run. If it hadn't been so cold, I would have.

Maybe it's time for retail therapy? But I won't because after I make it home and shower, I don't want to leave again. Let me just shower and sleep right now instead of trying to find another drama addiction.

I'm in real trepidation regarding BG's grad party. I know I'm going to be disappointed whatever happens. But how will I deal with it? I don't know. I need something to take my mind off it so I don't build it bigger and bigger. Please say it's not too late. For my own sanity, I must plan a quirky fun outfit tomorrow. I wore a cheetah print skirt today - love the cut of the skirt even if I felt self-conscious in the print. Man up, girl!

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