Friday, May 3, 2013

while convalescing of course

I thought I had the worst day of work ever yesterday - one of my proposers didn't get to propose, we had to call 911 because of a medical emergency right outside my office, and I made a stupid math error 2 weeks ago that BH just caught that afternoon. I don't like messing up. I don't like watching people throw up in a trash can while I stand around feeling helpless and get them water and a wet paper towel for their forehead. I need first aid training.
I'm a mess.

By 4:30 I was tired of life so I left work, went to the grocery store, went home, and went to sleep at 8pm. But then my period started today so I realize it was all exacerbated by PMS-ing. My trouble with PMS-ing is that I never realize I'm doing it until the MS-ing actually starts. I had to make an emergency run to Kmart b/c I was not prepared at all and there were super long lines - who legit grocery shops in Kmart at 12:30 in the afternoon on a Friday? I wanted to cry. I literally had to talk myself out of crying. Don't worry - I am laughing at myself now. While convalescing of course. Blah!

I skipped running, but did a half hour of beginner sun yoga. My arms hurt from downward facing dog.  Tomorrow is CK's 27th birthday and her plan is to have all the girls go shopping in Hampden, a really cute neighborhood I used to walk around in college with MW. So I bought a present and of course you must look your best while out with a bunch of girls you never met before. Challenge accepted.
Bring your A-game, chicas.
There is a tiny spider in my sissy's car creating webs behind my back. I am trying to kill it by leaving the windows shut tight so it dies from overheating.

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