Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the horror pizza

Today was the horror day at work. I knew it would be like this. Yeah, happy hour didn't happen. And I only got to run for like 6 minutes right before the gate closed. It's just as well - I need another rest day for my left knee especially. I started working at 8am and finished 6:30 = 2 extra hours. I didn't take a real lunch break. Basically 10 hours of staring at the computer, broken up by trips to the bathroom.

Of course I cracked when I got home ordered pizza. The best deal was 2 medium pizzas... so now I have way too much pizza. Hello lunch and dinner for the next week. I'm definitely going to gain weight now. And thanks to the pizza standards I got from Bud, I didn't even enjoy it much - not enough sauce.

Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me
Side note - I am still crushing on C, despite really trying not to. I don't think he's smooth enough to say the right thing the percentage of the time that he keeps saying the right thing.

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