Wednesday, May 8, 2013

thank you, Anne Tyler

Tuesday it poured.
Today it poured.

I didn't get to run.

AHhhh!  I need to.
Instead I came home, cooked surprisingly ornate meals for weeknights, and read "Amateur Marriage" by Anne Tyler. I consistently love Anne Tyler's novels, which are mostly set in Baltimore, close to the neighborhood where I went to undergrad for 4 years. They feel like a part of me.

AB once told me to stop reading sad books. I can't help it if those are the best ones. I sincerely cried through the last two chapters of Amateur Marriage. Not the endless tears of depression which I know so well, but heartbreak tears - the kind that come with gasping and snot and sweat and your voice is all messed up afterwards.

Thank you, Anne Tyler.
From "The Beginner's Goodbye," Anne Tyler. 
Outside about a half hour ago there was arguing in Spanish and the tiny dogs in the apartment on the corner were barking hysterically. I think it was the couple who live two doors down from me and have twin boys that I see playing outside with their dad sometimes. Then a sound like a hit and then silence; I've never been hit by a man - I don't know that sound except from TV so maybe it was just the door slamming. I didn't see anything. What do I do? Just keep an ear out, I guess.

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