Monday, May 20, 2013

swings, snakes, sunblock: hush

Sunday I did some (more) thrift shopping. Goodwill > Village Thrift. For $24, I picked up a sugar bowl, a Corelle plate, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, and a book by Carol Shields. I'm still in on my pastel kick and trying to get clothes with prints. My other goal is to avoid getting a summer farmer's tan, caused by running in capsleeve t-shirts. Piling on the sunblock doesn't prevent tanning.

Ran today, just two people. We were hissed at by geese and saw a black snake crossing the road. Lots of nature for a work campus. We also swung on swings in the woods at the 1 mile mark. I felt sick after a while - so disappointing! The swings were my ish as a kid. Even now, whenever I see them, I am there.
Do I still have a crush on CH? I don't know. I might only want to have a crush. But I want a lot of things. I want a Sephora close to me. I want a better complexion. I want to chill with friends on a hot day over beer. I realize people join groups to connect with other people (I'm going to try softball tomorrow). Just who is it that we're all searching for?

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