Saturday, May 11, 2013


Frustrated for no reason lately, so I run. I want to be outside, so I run. This may be because I don't have much else to do. I should be writing, but I lack inspiration, thankfully not like Vic Zhou's character in Wish To See You Again. Physically, Vic reminds me of Lee Jin-wook in Nine: Nine Time Travels. I think they're the same age too. Vic Zhou is higher on my list only because I've loved 2 of his dramas and only one of Lee Jin-wook's. Mars may be my #1 T-drama, despite Vic's horrible hair cut. Favorite J-dorama is Pride (2004).  I've seen too many K-dramas to have a favorite, but right now I find myself watching bits of Faith over and over, most likely because it was the drama I watched directly post-breakup. It's certainly not because of the plot, acting, production, or eye candy.

I've never gotten up the guts to drink a shot of anything before, so tonight I did. It really does burn.

My stomach won't stop hurting. I need some peppermint.
I need some friends.

I can only lol at myself.
and admit that Lee Jin-wook is hotter than Vic.

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