Friday, May 24, 2013

last weekend (?)

I can walk fast(ish) again! I'm so happy. I don't think I dare risk running until Monday, but at least I'm healing. At least I can bend my knee without pain. I won't take walking for granted again. Walking downhill unfortunately still causes twinges of pain, so no walking fast. Yesterday I wasn't having a good time with my legs and the fact that I couldn't run, so I came home and went directly to sleep and when I woke up my leg felt better. I thought it would wear off, but it didn't. I picked up some work paraphanelia from the employee gift store for Mom, and while shopping I could concentrate on looking and not on the correct placement of my foot.  Before E has her baby, I need to buy her a onesie - it'll be so cute! I'm practically an aunt already. I'd go wild if I weren't on a budget :-).
Hope to be able to hit the trail soon.
It's my last weekend with Doop (the Toyota Yaris). I dread having my car back - so many trips to the gas station. With the Yaris, I filled it up twice in one and a half months. If only it didn't have to get inspected.

Listening to Lee Min-ho's charity album. He publicly admitted that he can't sing, but the music is pretty good. I've liked him since I developed an emotional dependency on his time-travel sageuk Faith. Yes, you can find me singing in Korean to my favorite song from the soundtrack. Before Faith, I'd watched 3 of his dramas and enjoyed them, but even the awesome of City Hunter never really translated into liking Lee Min-ho.
Mini-album cover
Since work was so crazy two weeks ago, I got to leave after 7 hours - yes to strolling out of there at 3:30. I actually went 55 on the parkway.

Turns out I'm driving the grad party girl to her own party. Yay for not having to worry about getting lost or what time to get there. Philly, here I come.

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