Thursday, May 9, 2013

27 months

I finally got to run! CH was the only other runner. Thunderstorms made it impossible to run Tuesday and Wednesday, so I don't understand how people were not tripping over themselves to get out the door. I might run tomorrow too, although no one from the group does on Fridays. Today we went a little less than 3 miles because it started to downpour. We ran inside a building, but ugh - it was warm inside and the sweat was just... This is the only thing about the running group:  I have only seen these people while we're all in gym clothes and sweaty (except for one time). Not the most flattering... I bet they think I'm a total frump.

It's been months since I've gotten rained out of a run. It felt kind of good.  Of course a half hour later the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy and there I was - stuck in traffic on the parkway.
A J M W Turner painting. I mostly love his stuff.
Found a free budget template. I have a steady income, but I just don't spend it. The template gives me saving goals. New (to me) car, here I come in 27 months!

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