Saturday, March 2, 2013

oh darlin gimme the time of day...

And so, I moved out of my parents house. Again. How many times has it been at this point? College doesn't count. So only the second time. It sounds grand, but guess who helped me move? My parents (and my grandfather). And my grandfather. See how they've coddled me? Keeping me insulated from the real world? There's nothing quite like being taken care of and no one who'll take care of you like your parents.

Biggest fears now that I'm sitting in my own apartment? That my carpet allergy will come back. I grew out of it years ago, but if it does, I'm royally screwed. Please no. Knocking on all the wood. I'm not lonely (yet?). When meeting new people, I need to stop dumbing myself down. It's insincere. I miss S, who I was friends with in undergrad but now won't give me the time of day - I have no clue why. He lives maybe 15 miles away.

Unpacking, cleaning, putting things in their place- I am avoiding. Especially the shower curtain. But a person must shower to be able to live with themselves. I foresee a decrease in my calorie consumption because I am simply too lazy too cook. It's back to pasta, veggies, and milk; fast, easy, tasty.

Wandered around outside trying to open my mailbox. Failed. Met a neighbor, sketchy, offered to give me a giant tv for free. I don't need a giant tv, and I don't want to owe him. Can I make a female friend who lives around here? Besides the women in the office, I only see middle-aged men or teenage boys. The Verizon rep and I spent some quality time together. Good man. Vietnam vet.

Tomorrow's plan is to wake up and go food shopping. No more Cheerios for dinner.

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