Wednesday, February 27, 2013

baggy pants and golden turtlenecks

Even if I don't feel like an adult, I can't deny that a depressingly adult issue is weight. Weight creeps up on people. Think about it; kids run around outside playing. (Okay, maybe not kids today, but they did in the 90s/00s.) And then in high school there's gym class and sports teams. Then sometime in college your kid metabolism abandons you and you come out 30 pounds heavier. 


Or was it just me? Since college I've lost 25 of those pounds, so I'm not chubby anymore. Yay! I might be in denial about being an adult mentally and having to pay actual bills, but physically I'm not. Only because I worked to lose 25 pounds. By contrast, blimping up was easy. I didn't have to try. I didn't even realize I'd done it until I looked in the mirror one day (why that day was different than all the other days that came before it, I will never know). If only other accomplishments in life were achieved so easily. I mean, people called me "huggable." I even I had a whole chubby wardrobe; unfortunately, by the time I shrunk back all my other clothes were outdated. No one wears baggy pants and turtlenecks anymore.
I swear I had that shirt. Yeah, that's Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction (1994).
I love how frank the male half of the population is about weight. This guy on TV said that his gut was the first part of him to walk through the door. Yeah, those aren't words that come out of the average female's mouth. He was completely fine with his body at that moment, gut and all. I love how, generally, guys are so comfortable in their bodies. Is it the testosterone? Teenage boys are especially in love with themselves. It's like cockiness peaks in guys at that age. I've always found teenage boys hilarious. The ways in which they praise themselves constantly are so inventive. Guys in their 20s are entertaining too, but they've learned to not talk quite so much trash, at least in front of women. I guess in the end, I'm saying that I really enjoy the male half of society, and I wish women could be as brash and cocky about their hot bods.

Tomorrow I pack.

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