Sunday, February 3, 2013


I vote Steelers, but I used to live in Baltimore, so go Ravens. Purple's my favorite color anyway. The Superbowl is stalled, so it's time to blog. I tuned in a few minutes before half-time because I mostly just wanted to watch Beyonce. I wasn't sure that she lived up to the hype until Kelly and Michelle came. Then memories of middle school and roller rinks came flooding back. Say my name, people. All the live-blogging going on is hilarious. And the glory of Beyonce's hair makes me want to get a weave.

At the gym today I saw 3 (young) women of color besides me. The gym was kind of dead, so that's pretty much how it should be. The second LOTR was playing one of the TVs. Since it got cold, I've worn tights to the gym, but I recently switched to shorts and a t-shirt, and I love it. Nothing beats making the trip from the parking lot while wearing warm sweatpants and a sweatshirt over my gym outfit. Tights just don't cut it.

I had to drive home in a snowstorm yesterday. The highway was alright since it was well used. My car didn't slip-n-slide until my driveway. Icicles on the car in the morning. The chef of the house was away for 2 days, so I made dinner. No one believes I can cook, but I can. But if I don't have to, I won't. Off to play my stormy adaptation of Moonlight Sonata on the piano.

It's snowing.

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