Friday, February 15, 2013

amalgamate is not agate stone

Both online and in-person apartment hunting is exhausting. Is it the strain of traveling 2 hours to a new place? Is it going from a rural area to an urban location? Is it meeting strangers? Touring apartments? Trying to stay in budget and to remember the feel of each apartment? When does a day start to swirl together in the mind until all those separate experiences amalgamate into one blur? And then I must choose one option.

Understand one thing about me. I am lazy. I don't want to commute more than 20miles to work. I want to feel safe at home. I want a washer/dryer. I want hardwood floors. I've slowly given up on hardwood floors. What is America's obsession with carpeting?

I saw three places today. The first, I didn't feel safe and there was no washer/dryer in the unit. The second, the apartments were nice, but the hallways and grounds of the apartment building weren't. The third, the location and outside was pleasant, but I wasn't a huge fan of the actual apartment. If I could take the insides of the 2nd one and put them inside the 3rd one, that would be ideal. I at least decided to stop trying to be a city girl. I'm country. I was perfectly happy in Roanoke. So screw it, I'll suburb it up if I have to. How will I ever meet anyone? Well, do they have to find friends too?

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