Friday, February 8, 2013

i called all my friends

Finding an apartment is harder than I thought, but I'm glad that my biggest problems now center around how to move forward, and not that I'm running out of willpower as I tread water. Also, I heard today that one of my close friends got the job she wanted yesterday.

I called/texted my friends to tell them the news, and to invite them to visit after I move. I've never lived by myself before. Okay, I did for one month back in MFA school, and I wound up turning on the TV for background noise. I don't count that time. The alternative is a cat, but I'm not really a pet person. I'll keep busy working, commuting, running, and expanding my cooking repertoire at first.

Dragged myself to the gym today in the rain. Got an alright workout; level 7 for the cross-fit machine was challenging, but 7 for the elliptical was cake. I need to go level 12 for it next time. When I move, I'll run for a while and not join a gym. Can winter be over soon, or will I have to invest more into winter running gear?

As far as feelings go, mainly nervous excitement. Trying to keep it tamped down because... well because that's my nature. How to stop repressing... If now's not time for celebrating, when is?
Sidenote - I debated telling Bud that I got a job, because he gave me a lot of encouragement when we were dating, but he hasn't told me anything about his plans. Probably because they involved trying to move a few states away with his ex-gf. Hmm. I see how that would have been awkward for him. So I'll just let this be. Why do I feel like I have to be friends with everyone? If I could just forget about establishing a peace between us, but nooo, the Libra in me insists on balance.

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