Tuesday, February 26, 2013

don't go changing... to try and please me...

I've put them off long enough. It's time to stop stalling. It's time to do my taxes. At least this year I only worked in one state. I live in a commonwealth state, so federal, state, township taxes lie in front of me. My reward will be doing my hair while watching episodes 15 of this.

I read Mimi Alford's autobiography, all about how she had an affair with JFK in 1962, which no one is surprised about because several women were having affairs with him. I'm to young to have experienced the whole JFK allure. I read this book for an alternate perspective. Women are quick to blame other women in affairs. You know - he was a pig, but she should have known better. This infidelity is expected of men, and the woman gets labelled a slut. Unless this means that the fact that men are sluts is so obvious we don't need to say it, I take issue with this particular attitude towards women. I don't think men are sluts. JFK, yes, but he wasn't most men. I like to believe most people can't compartmentalize their lives to the degree that they can handle being married, multiple affairs, working 24/7, and still keep each woman unaware of the others. So what I'm saying is after reading this book, general distaste for JFK as a person. Hmm, did Jackie O write an autobiography? I need another perspective.
Jackie O
I'm stressed out by the need to defer the PhD schools for at least a year. I feel like I'm disappointing a part of myself. After speaking on the phone to the first school, I got a great feeling about living there and participating in the program. After speaking on the phone with the second school, I feel sick. Like I'm making the wrong decision by electing to work instead for a year. And now I've discovered my taxes are more complicated than I thought.

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