Tuesday, March 5, 2013


There's a bouquet of flowers on my desk, mostly pink, but some purple in there. It's very very rare that I get flowers. I love getting flowers. I want to take them home, but they're so cheerful on my desk. Pink lilies. Gorgeous. They smell good.

Work is confusing because I have to learn a lot (a lot a lot) of acronyms, but with experience I will be able to do the job. And I like my coworkers so far. I got to see how they deal with the people they serve, and I am seeing parallels between my new job and the graduate assistantship I had for 2 years. I can apply the writing center attitude to this job, but while being a bit firmer because there are concrete rules that each situation must fit into.

I like the energy that's present throughout the company campus. I think that I can force myself to wake up earlier and earlier little by little so that I can join the running group. I am sad right now because I'm out of shape again. It's been a month since I seriously ran on a regular basis, and the gym made me weaker. It actually took me a bit to recover my breath after I walked from the first to the third floor at work. I know when I work out every other day, something like that would feel like nothing.

Anyway, I must shower and then go to bed and get up early. Running out of time! I require sleep. I like this apartment so far.

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