Sunday, March 10, 2013

but they were good miles

I just know that S is going to reject me. I don't know why. Okay, but I had nothing to do with any of it. It's events from undergrad and our friendship was collateral damage...; if that's the reason why he rejects me. I hate waiting on boys. I just want to be friends! A month ago, he did send me an email. It was.... (looking now)... 7 sentences long. But the first sentence was "Hey, cool." Ugh. And this is why I expect nothing from men. They ignore you, and then either pop back into your life or keep ignoring you forever. Sigh. The only man I stay in semi-constant contact with is A, but he's gay so the male-female dynamic is altered.

How many Nestle factories are there? There is one not 1 mile from my new apartment. I'd go on a tour or something, but I've been to Hershey Park 10+ times since 1999 and since Nestle has no roller coasters and no singing cow rides, it can't possibly compare. Unless there's Haagen-Dazs ice cream at the end.
This is my dream.
I now live near a race track. The plan- make local friends and find out if TV racetracks are the same as real racetracks. The whole idea of a racetrack is borderline cruelty to animals. What do horse owners think? I'm from PA, so I'm used to seeing horses quietly munching in a pasture or trotting along with 12 year old girls on their backs. I've seen a horse gallop once in my entire life, and I might have invented that memory.
Horses scare me when I get up close. I never did pony rides.
Saturday I hung out with a different A (I have many friends with A first names), who now lives in the same city where we went to college. Her apt is a half hour drive from here, but with traffic 45 minutes. She came down and I drove around; I made wrong turns and got lost. We had horrible service at a Denny's. Tried to go bowling. Is every bowling alley parking lot sketchy? As a consequence, I haven't been bowling in years. Other skills I no longer possess include rollerskating, ice skating, baseball, tennis, probably the other sports with balls involved. I can hula hoop very well. I can run.
Bowling centers are psychedelic now.
Yesterday I jogged at the community park (walkable from my apt), and I kinda sprained my right ankle. It's a community park- the walkways are paved and the land's structure is man-made. Hello, obvious retention basins. There's a skate park, baseball field, tennis courts. The park isn't as interesting as Hibernia, but on Saturday morning the only other people there were 2 skateboarders. The local police station and health clinic are also there. I'll go every weekend. The fact that my ankle is sprained (very slightly... like one stretched ligament) means I probably won't run again until Wednesday-ish. I have health insurance now, but I don't want to have to use it. Ugh. One moment of looking at the scenery instead of the uneven ground was all it took. But it felt so good to run.
I only did 2.2 miles, but they were good miles.
I might check out a church next Sunday. My mailbox key doesn't work. Stress made me breakout (which I expected), but makeup is a miracle. It's also a miracle that I have a job. Thank you, God.

Today's plan - my hair. Bah. There goes 2 hours, and it's finally gorgeous outside.

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