Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i spoke to my nana

I feel semi-accomplished today. I ran at work. Just two miles, but without stopping. This is new for me. When I run by myself, I run a mile, stop to stretch, then run another couple miles. At work, the roup runs at 4pm, so I change clothes, jog over to the meeting place, stretch, run, and then go back to work. I stay 45minutes longer to make 8 hours. I haven't figured out how to not be all sweaty. But there are showers in my building, so when the heat of summer hits, I'll be forced to hit the showers before going back to work.

I spoke to my nana on the phone, to wish her a belated birthday. I realized after dinner that I really needed to call her. You'd think I would have remembered to call yesterday since I'm living in fear of turning into her (I keep watching TWC and Jeopardy! geo-pardy and nothing else). I enjoy talking to her. She told me about the day she dropped my mom off at her first day of college in segregated Titusville, PA in the 70s and how she cried all the way home. Plus she remembers when you don't call. Is that where my youngest sissy gets her ability to hold grudges about things I don't remember doing? Actually, both of my sissies have at least one grudge against each of our siblings that they plan to hold for their whole lives. I have none. I've forgotten whatever they did to me when we were little. My mom says I was best friends with my brother when we were pre-K; I don't remember that either. So definite advantages and disadvantages to having my lack of a memory. Maybe that's why I've kept some type of journal since I was in 5th grade-ish. The whole time I was going through the Bud breakup emotions, I was also writing this blog because I knew I would eventually forget the intensity of those feelings. And I want to remember them b/c I want to be able to write characters who feel them.

I love/adore the physical act of writing. Especially with the perfect pen. It's easier to get into the story when I must consider each word as I write it, since the pen can never keep up with the brain. The keyboard is closer to syncing with the brain, but still not quite there. Plus, I mistype more often than I mis-write a word. Misspell? Not sure of my word choice. And handwriting is gorgeous. I love watching the subtle changes in the script, which fluctuates as a result of my mood, the pen, the paper, if I'm hungry, if I'm free-writing, if I'm writing a letter. Etc. How do handwriting experts do it?
I want to be here and then write about it.

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