Tuesday, March 12, 2013

on the ceiling of my apartment

I don't like waking up the in dark. Maybe I was an old-timey farmer in a past life. When it's light, I wake up. When it's dark, I sleep. ... Well if I would just sleep when I'm tired, I'd save myself a headache and get 10 hours a day. It's 6:57 and if I didn't have to make lunch for tomorrow, I'd be sleeping now.

There's a disturbing stain on the ceiling of my apartment. I came home to it. Luckily, I haven't furnished that room yet. But um... water damage? I'm paying >$1000/month for water damage? No. If I ever move to the south again, I look forward to the cheaper cost of living. Yes, there were cheaper apartments, but they were cheaper for a reason.

Lesson learned - Don't buy a trashcan with a flip-top lid because it will start to smell before you've filled it. And that smell will fill the downstairs of your townhouse, and then you have to add tall kitchen trash bags to the list.

As far as work fashion clothes goes, I'm drawing blanks. I have about 10 skirts in various textures/prints and I've been wearing those with a cardigan or blazer. Weird fact, pants never fit me, but I'm too lazy to drag myself to the tailor, so for work I wear skirts and dresses. I love that ankle booties are everywhere, because flats with skirts don't work with my calves. As a teenager I used to want to be built slim so those boho-chic type clothes would look good on me, but no. I'm all muscle with boobs, so structured clothing it is.
Is that a necklace or part of the shirt? It's fabulous.
Drinking my daily cup of green tea. Yum.

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