Tuesday, March 26, 2013

dinner tonight? (yeah i referenced jake and amir)

It's official - I'm out of shape. At work I ran 3 miles alone and it was miserable. When I'm in shape, the miserable part lasts the first half a mile, and then the glory of runner's high starts. But today the misery only heightened at the end of mile 2. I contemplated stopping, but instead mentally accepted the misery and just went really slow. That's what I do when something hurts and keeps hurting. I say, well, A, this hurts, but it's not going to stop, so accept it. And then I forget about it. No clue why. Every time it amazes me that that actually works. Today I ran on pavement, which means cars went by and I tried (probably in vain) to look like I wasn't struggling - a ridiculous pride, I know, but I use it as a motivator.

Now that the flurry of moving in/settling in/intense on-the-job training is over, I'm left with the fact that I once again have no friends. This happens every time I move. It's always dismaying. Yes, I have friends who live in other states, other cities, but no one I can call up and say, let's have dinner tonight-I'll cook. I'd hoped that the people in the running group would live near me, but they live in Baltimore or Towson or Annapolis. Too far. I guess that's why they're friends. And none of them appear to be my kind of people. What if I never make friends?

New missions - freewrite every day; run every other day until I love it again.

And why is everyone complaining about spring? Yesterday's snow was gorgeous, and I love stomping through snow-slush in my stylish waterproof boots.

Oh, God. I love the first LOTR so much.

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