Thursday, March 28, 2013


I ran with the running group today. When I say running group, I actually mean the same two people. I had the bright idea to run the fire road that goes around the campus at work. Didn't know monster hills were involved. C set the pace. Because I'm not back in shape yet, the last hill killed me. I could feel when my willpower broke. It's a horrible moment, giving up, watching someone's back. So yeah, this means I'll run on every other day until it feels good again. Also I'm convinced that I need more protein. Been feeling weak this week.

Friday night I drive home for the holiday weekend. Yes to Easter chocolate. After I pay my rent, I'll have about $100 in the bank. I get paid again Wednesday. Just have to last that long and then I'll always have about a K in the bank. I need the K for potential car repairs.
This Easter weekend eat all the chocolates.
Flipping back and forth about the PhD. Some days I want it because school tells you what it expects of you. Some days I don't want to go back to the full-time student environment. Some days I want to keep this job and put down roots. Some days I want to roam forever. Then I wonder what it takes to be satisfied.  I'm not unhappy. I'm too busy to dwell. But I am waiting for unhappiness. Maybe I haven't recovered from being down for so long; I move through life waiting for something to tear me down.

I want to see Jurassic Park in 3D!

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