Sunday, March 24, 2013

banana nut everything

I sat on my couch all alone in my apartment and cried during the last 15 minutes of Up. I was eating Honey Bunches of Oats and when the main character saw the photos in the album that his wife left behind I forgot I was eating and the cereal turned to mush in the bowl while blurry tears threw the tv screen out of focus. Great movie. I also tear up at those Subaru love commercials. That is one super effective car advertising campaign. I'm at the point where I'm out driving, I see a Subaru, and I get all sentimental. Darn advertising campaigns.
Since I spent the later half of the summer and into fall crying, crying feels familiar to me now. I cry and some part of me thinks, oh. This again. This is what's happening. Are people supposed to be used to crying?

I checked out DC with A from college. Did the tourism thing. I ate Chinese food in Chinatown. It was the second time in my life at a real Chinese food restaurant. By 'real,' I mean everyone gets tea and water, no questions asked. You eat rice from pretty blue and white china bowls. There are real chopsticks. Also, we saw the Library of Congress, a Senate building, and other buildings which I've forgotten about. I discovered that Foggy Bottom is not a cool indie neighborhood in DC - it's just GWU. Le sigh. I wore cute boots; mistake. Before I walk that much again, I need to buy some cute sneakers.

Another sign that I'm emotional? I'm watching a traditional K-drama. Traditional meaning, not sageuk, not rom-com. The first 4 episodes were the child versions of the future adult main characters. There's death, betrayal, birth secrets, traumatic accidents, etc. I'm also reading a memoir by Joyce Carol Oates about the time after her husband died, which is probably why I cried extra hard while watching 15 minutes of Up.

Baked banana nut muffins to give myself a treat during work. That's also going to be breakfast. Banana nut everything is good: muffins, bread, pancakes. Oh God, I love carbs.

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