Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trip, Sky Trip, Friendship, Loveship, Layoffs

Adults have to deal with layoffs.  Last week at my internship, 7 people were laid off in 1 fell swoop. The only reason why I'm still there is that I'm just an unpaid intern.  After I train my replacement, I'll be gone too (I seriously already wrote a training guide).  While being sacked is distressing for me, the adults were philosophical.  They accepted it and started dealing (no, not drugs).  Responsibilities forced them to accept and move on.  And here I can't even achieve financial independence.  Oh hell, I started this blog trying to get over a boy.
(This song came on at the beginning of my morning commute - an auspicious sign, I thought.  I heard it again after work, while I was running errands.  Yes to 80s glory.)

My morning started out really well, considering I slept off and on last night.  One of those tossing and turning affairs.  Crazy random dreams.  The last one was about meeting my first love again. I woke up feeling really good, feeling like I wanted to fall back to sleep and live there always (Inception-like).  Korean dramas are called dramas b/c they're entertainingly and often unreasonably dramatic, but I think their obsession with first love story arcs is warranted.  I haven't seen or talked to him in years, but I google him sometimes.  Now that I'm far beyond the relationship-mourning phase, I smile thinking about him, whether from happiness or regret.  I think it would be good to meet again, in 5 years or 10 years or 50.  I hope it's not 50.

Hitching a ride on an airplane Wednesday morning.  Nervous b/c I've never flown alone.  But this blog is about growing up... Um, I love a good road trip?  We'll see how I take to sky trips.

Props to anyone who knows the book title I'm riffing this post title from.

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