Saturday, July 28, 2012

Labor of Love

I'm supposed to do a lot of things.  Usually, eventually, I do them (I think that's pretty adult-like).  Yesterday, I finally took steps to shake off my malaise.  In this case, that means making the final arrangements for a friend's bridal shower.  It's a labor of love; please don't put all the emphasis on love.  Labor is also a key word in that sentence.  I made a 100pg scrapbook gift and the materials for 2 bridal shower games.  Much coloring occurred.  I know what you're thinking, but I did not use crayons.  Colored pencils to the rescue.
I'm like Wesley from the classic movie "The Princess Bride."  To a lesser scale.

My sister's friend mistook me for a 18/19 year old.  Yay!  I will continue to use my student ID to get movie theater discounts, roller-skating rink discounts, etc.  This happens all the time.  A downside is that people my own age assume I'm way younger.

Today I went outside at night and danced around in the moonlight.  I'm not Korean, so I butchered the words to a Korean hip hop song that was stuck in my head and that I was half-singing aloud.  But I think I have a future in swing dancing.  Guys! - It was a non-running day, but I was happy all by myself.  This is definite progress - I don't need endorphins to feel good anymore.  Not that I'm going to stop running.  I'm up to 15 push-ups after every run.  I want to see if I can workup to running 5k every time.

I also want to see how long it takes me to get back to normal in my head.  I'm so much less moody already.

And now: The Kpop song I butchered, which is great for running:
The video is out there.  I like spectacle.

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