Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Savior Sunglasses

I should be an adult by now, but today I childishly stomped my foot and made a "yuck" face when I had to buy something at the store right next to the store where break up dude works.  I had sunglasses on, so I figure no one recognized me.  But I think adults only stomp their feet in private.  I'm not totally surprised that I did this, because once this past semester I started whining in class.  I didn't realize until someone called me on it.  I tried to stop.  That's how you know you're done with school.

On the crying front, the tears were back again today b/c I had to go to a place with memories.  Again, those same sunglasses came to my rescue.  There were happy couples everywhere.  I never noticed that so many people are married and have beautiful, healthy, doting children.  The happy couples were so cute!  I loved it. In my delirium, I didn't even notice the 105 degree heat index.

As far as blabbing to everyone I know about the break up goes, I only told one of my cousins over the phone.  Progress?  Of course she's in a long-term stable relationship.  How do those happen?  One day I'll get lucky.

The savior sunglasses.

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