Saturday, July 21, 2012

The LAW and/ Bud

I think adults should be proud of their actions.  I'm not proud of myself.  The story:

I told my little cousin I'd buy her bubble tea a couple weeks ago.  So today my sister and I picked her up and we went and got bubble tea to go (honeydew, papaya, and mango).  It was delicious.
Honeydew flavored bubble tea.  My cousin got this kind.

My sister suggested we go to the park to play (!!) and drink it.  The park is literally the next block over from Break Up Dude(BUD)'s house.  Henceforth, his name is Bud.  It's like I dated the kid from Bill Cosby.
Bud is the kid on the right.  He later played Tia's boyfriend on "Sister Sister," but when I say Bud, I mean this kid.

Anyway, there's the park.  Then there's the block with Bud's house.  I could see his car in the driveway.  This was too close for comfort, but I said okay.  We parked.  We moseyed into the park with our bubble teas.  I paranoidly looked around, hoping not to see Bud, but hoping to see Bud.  I didn't see Bud.  I did see possibly the world's coolest dad (he kept 3 kids happy and they all had manners), the ice cream man, not very clever graffiti (F*** The LAW And/ snitches), and the insides of a blunt.  I also hugged a London Plane tree to annoy my sister, and because I find hugging trees relaxing.

So the part I'm not proud about is that after we made ourselves sick with bubble tea and swings, my sister started talking about samosas.  There was an Indian place up the street, so I suggested we walk.  Now, I didn't have to walk right by Bud's house.  I could have avoided it.  Did I avoid it?  No.  I walked right on by, wishing he'd coincidentally step outside for some reason.  Again, I didn't see Bud, but I'm not proud of myself.  Not proud at all. At least I took my sister and cousin on a different route on the walk back to the car.
We ordered vegetarian samosas.  If you've never had a samosa - you  should.

Were those the actions of a creepy stalker?

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