Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Human Compassion

Today I went to work, like an adult. I was scared to go b/c I thought I might run into Bud, but I didn't.  All was good. While at work, I had a good conversation with one of my favorite coworkers about painful topics.  It happened very hush hush in the break room.  At some point, I may have cried into one of those industrial paper towels found exclusively in public bathrooms. (Spontaneous crying happens when I'm sad and people are nice to me.  Human compassion directed towards me surprises me so much that I get weepy in gratitude.  I'm one of those people who is perceived as "having their shit together," so when someone bothers to look closer at me and realize that I have no clue what the hell I'm doing, it's like I don't have to put up the social mask anymore.  It's such a relief.  In this case, hence the tears?)
The type of industrial paper towel found in public restrooms, university bathrooms, gov't buildings, etc.

After work, I ran about 2.5 miles, but I walked on the downhills to save my shins.  High school shin splints are determined not to leave me be.  I also watched a forgettable Taiwanese movie, starring under-utilized actors.  I realized my favorite TV show is Psych.  It's the only show I can count on to get a genuine laugh out of me every time.  I realized (again) that my favorite musician is James Morrison (a British singer/song writer, the blue-eyed soul type).  His music is with me during my frustration, during my little get-togethers and breaking ups, and during slumps and parties and successes - all of that.  I still learn from lyrics I've sung to hundreds of times before.  James, I love your music.

Close your eyes and listen.  I in no way endorse the hair he had above, and I think his music videos are boring.  However(!) the music is fantastic, and he's amazing live.

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